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Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Deputation to PTC Mysore

A Chance  to  serve  PTC Mysore 

Notification  has  been  issued  for  deputation   to the  following  posts 

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Monday, January 21, 2013

Staff Selection Commission Combined Graduate Level (TierI) Examination, 2013

Staff Selection Commission Combined Graduate Level  (TierI) Examination, 2013 
Recruitments for  the posts of
a) Combined Graduate Level Examination.
(b) Tax Assistant Examination.
(c) Section Officer (Commercial audit)Examination
(d) Section Officer (Audit)Examination
(e) Complier (for O/o RGI)Examination
(f) Statistical Investigator Grade-II (for M/o Statistics & Prog. Implementation)Examination
(g) Sub-Inspector in CPOs Examination
Last date of receipt of Application
15th February 2013 (22nd February for Candidates applying from far-flung areas)
Date of Examination
14.04.2013 &  21.04.2013
Age Limit
18-27 years for Inspector of Income Tax/ Inspector (Central Excise)/ Inspector (Preventive Officer)/ Inspector (Examiner)/ Inspector of Posts / Ass.. Enforcement Officer and Divisional Accountants / Auditors /UDCs/ Tax Assistants (ii) 20 to 27 years for posts of Assistants and Sub-inspectors in CBI. (iii) 26 years for Statistical Investigators Gr.II (iv) 20-25 years for Sub Inspectors (Ex) in Central Police Orgnisations. (v)Usual age relaxation to SC/ST/OBC/PH/ExS etc. as per Govt. orders.)

Educational Qualification
The minimum qualification for the Combined Graduate Level exam is gradation from a recognized university.
How  to  Apply
Apply Online at SSC website at However, Those who wants to apply offline can still send their Applications on prescribed proforma, in an envelope shoud be send to concerned Regional Director of SSC where candidate want to apply
Contact Details
Staff Selection Commission
Block No.-12, CGO Complex,
Lodhi Road New Delhi  ,
Phone : 011 – 24363343
Paper / No. of Questions / Marks -Part-A: General Intelligence &
General Awareness / 100 / 100 Part-B: Arithmetic/ 100 / 100. Total marks- 200.

Duration- 2 Hrs. Both parts A & B will be objective type (multiple choice type).
Question papers for both the parts in preliminary examination will be set both in English and Hindi. The combined preliminary examination is meant to serve as a screening test only. The marks obtained in the preliminary examination by the candidates who are declared qualified for admission to the main examination will  not be counted for determining their final order of merit

Candidates who are declared by the commission to have qualified in the preliminary examination in a year will be eligible for admission to the main examination. The Combined Main Examination will be of conventional type as per the scheme at A
and B given here : A. Scheme and subjects for the main examination for recruitment to the post of Assistant Grade/Inspectors of Central Excise/Income Tax, Sub-Inspectors of CPO’s/CBI
The main examination will consist of two parts- Part-I :Written Examination and Part-II : Personality Test.
I.                      English / 100 / 2 Hours.

II.                    Language comprehension (English) / 100 / 2 Hours.

       III             Communication skill and writing ability (option to answer either in Hindi or English) /200 / 3 Hours.
      IV Arithmetic (Option to answer either in Hindi or English) / 200 /3 Hours.

      V . General studies (option to answer either in Hindi or English) /200 / 3 Hours.

      Total marks- 800.
All the question papers for the main examination will be of conventional type. (A) Paper I will be compulsory for all candidates. However this will be of qualifying nature only for the candidates who are opting for the posts of Assistants
(B) Paper II will be compulsory for all the candidates except  those opting for post of Assistants
(C) Paper III will be compulsory for candidates opting for the post of Assistants only.
(D) Paper IV and Paper V are compulsory for the candidates appearing for all the categories
Candidates will have the option to answer Paper III, Paper IV and Paper V either in Hindi or English medium opted in preliminary examination (Hindi or English) will remain the same in main Examination.
PERSONALITY TEST : The personality test will carry a maximum of 100 marks for all the posts/services
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Change of Holiday dated 24.01.2013 - Milad-Un-Nabi or Id-E-Milad

 The closed holiday on account of Milad-Un-Nabi or Id-E-Milad (Birthday of Prophet Mohammed) will be observed on 24.01.2013 (Thursday) instead of 25.01.2013 (Friday) in Kerala Postal Circle. 

Wednesday, January 16, 2013


 D.G. Posts No. A-34012/01/2013-DE dated 9th January, 2013.
(A) Centralized Examinations
S. No.
Name of Examination
Proposed Schedule tentatively
Inspector of Posts Examination
7th & 8th September 2013
PS Group ‘B’ Examination
9.6.2013 Sunday
Postmaster Grade-I Exam
9.6.2013 Sunday
LGO Examination for Pas/SAs in Circles
9th September, 2013
Junior Engineer (C&E) Examination
Will be notified after receipt of Question Banks and syllabus revised.
Asstt. Engineer (C&E) Examination
Sr. Postmaster Examination
Tentatively proposed to be held in November 2013.
PAs/SAs Direct Recruitment Examination
20th October 2013 for 2013 vacancies.
Assistant Manager(MMS)
Will be notified after receipt of revised Recruitment rules.
Assistant Accounts Officer(AAO)
(B) Decentralized Examination
Confirmation Examination for direct recruit Jr. Accountants in PAO
11th & 12th May, 2013
LDCs to Junior Accountants in PAOs
15th & 16th June 2013
LGOs Examination for promotion to Assistant of other wings i.e. MMS, Foreign Post, RLO, Stores Depot and CO/RO
21st July 2013
Postman Examination
To be held in November 2013 for 2013 vacancies.
Direct Recruitment to Multi-Tasking Staff
Departmental Examination for promotion to LDCs in PAOs from Stores and MTS

Friday, January 11, 2013



I heard and believe that Pakistan is being controlled by three As, Army, Allah and America.  It is pertinent to mention the recent sign of change in the third A.  China is preparing themselves to replace the A by C, with hidden agenda.  The current Pakistan Government is the second tenure completing government after its independence.  If I am right the army is scared of losing its control over the people as well as government.  Most of the common people in Pak and minority of the government realised that the insurgency inside the state to get priority than the neighbour, India.  Delighted to see the matured response of our leadership towards the recent tension occurred at the Line of Control.  Pakistan Army wants to provoke our nation, so that they can raise this issue in UN as they want to do it early.  Pakistan considered it as the most appropriate opportunity to take up the issue as they are going to chair the UN security council.  Fortunate enough that our leadership understand it and respond in a matured way.

At the same time, we should not forget the morale of the soldiers who are facing the challenge with their life.  So meeting the challenges at their (forces) own way at the Line of control should not be prohibited, instead the commander's should be encouraged to solve the issue at their own level.  If required, sword will be met with the sword.

The baloochistan core group who is deployed at the LOC may not be responsible for the brutal killing of  Indian soldiers.  I heard a commando group of Pak Army who intentionally killed the soldiers in a non military way to provoke our nation.  Hafeez Sayed who is responsible for Mumbai attack working simultaneously as a core group of ISI/Pak Army too wants to create the tension at the LOC.  Conspiracy of such groups to be revealed by the government.  We hope the common people of Pakistan should understand such fake coins.  Our Intelligence agencies can do a lot to make them  realise such fake coins.

A great salute to the brave soldiers who wake during our sleep for the sake of our nation.

  written by 

  Sri  San  Jose  , Postal Assistant , Mavelikara Head Post  Office , 690101

Solved Questions - Examination for selection as Postman/Mail Guard in Kerala Circle -2013 Part A GK


Q1 Who   was  coined  the word “ non –aligned and used  it to represent a doctrine  at united nations  , even  before  the Non  aligned  movement was founded
              A Jawaharlal  Nehru  b V K  Krishna Menon  c  Sukrno  d Josip  Broz Tito

Answer  b V  K Krishna Menon
2 Which  country  has  recently  test  fired  the intercontinental  ballistic  missile  called  Dongfeng -41 ?

A North  Korea  b  Japan c  China  d  Vietnam

Answer  c   China
3  The  study of  earthquake and  associated phenomena is  known as

  A Selenology  b Seismology  c Tectonics  d Teleology 

Answer  b Seismology 
4 What is  the  unit of  measuring  atmospheric  pressure

 A Bar  b  Quintal  c Calorie  d Joule 

Answer  A Bar 
5 T he  light receptive  layer in  the  eye is known  as  

A cornea b Retina c Auricles d Pupil 

Answer  b Retina
6  The name of the particle “ boson “ is  associated with  the name of

A J C Bose          b  S N Bose          c Issac Newton        d Albert Einstein

Answer  b  S N  Bose
7  Who  was the  founder of Lodhi Dynasty

A Sikander Lodhi  b  Bahlol Lodhi  c Ibrahim  Lodhi  d Daulat  Khan  Lodhi 

Answer  b  Bahlol Lodhi 
8  The  title “ Punjab Kesri  was conferred  on
A Ranjit  Singh b Bhagat Singh  c Lala Lajpat Rai  d Sardar Baldev  Singh 

Answer  c  Lala Lajpat Rai 

9 Who  administers  the  oath  of  office to  the  President of  India

A  Chief  Justice of India  b  Speaker of Lok Sabha c Prime Minister of  India  d Vice President

Answer A   Chief  Justice of India 

10  Who  is  the  author  of  the  book     The  inheritance of  Loss 

A Arundhati  Roy   b Kiran Desai  c Jhumpa  Lahiri  d Kiran  bedi 

Answer b Kiran Desai 
11 Which  is  the  capital   Laos 

A  Vientiane b  Riga c Bishkek  d Beirut 

Answer  A  Vientiane
12 Three of the following four are alike in a certain way   and  form  a group  . Which is  the  one that does not belong  to  the group 

A  Break  b  Spilt  c Separate d Change

Answer d  Change
13 Pointing to  lady  a man  told ‘ the  son of her only  brother of my  wife “  How  is  the lady  related  to  the  man  ?
A  Mother –in Law   b  Sister of  father in –law  d Maternal aunt  d Mother’s  sister

Answer    b  Sister of  father in –law 
14 A  man  travels  1 km  east  and turns  to   his  right  . After traveling  1 Km , he  again  turns  to  the  right  , in  which direction  he  is  going 

A North  b  east  c  South  d west 

 Answer  d  West
15  60 meter  of  wire weighs 80  kg ,  What will  be  the  weight  of  141 meters  of the  same wire ?

A  120 kg b  145 kg c 188 kg  d 155 kg

Answer  c 188  kg
16  Working  7  hours  daily  24 men can  complete  a piece of work in  27  days . In how many days  would  14 men  complete  the  same piece of work   by  working  9  hours  daily

A  32 days  b  31 days  c  36 days  d  39 days 

Answer  36  days
17 What   is  the  expansion  of  the  term  WAN  in  computer  terminology

A  Wide  Area Network  b Wide  angle  network  c Wide  Application network  d Word  Application node

   Answer A  Wide  Area Network  
18 The kaziranga National  park  famous  for  the  one  horned  Rahino  is  in 

A  Utter Pradesh  b   West Bengal  c Sikkim  d Assam

Answer   d Assam
19 In  a class  of  60  students , where the girls are  twice  as  that of the boys  , Kaml  Ranked  seventeenth  from  the  top . If  there are  9  girls  ahead of  kamal  , the  number  of boys  after him  are

A  3  b  7  c  12  d  13

Answer  c 12
20  Which  is  the  largest lake in  india 

A  National   b  Sambhar c Sishram  d  Chilka 

Answer d Chilka
21  Kuchipidi  is  the  dance  of  which  state 

A   Andhra  Pradesh   b Kerala  c  Karnataka d Tamil Nadu

Answer A   Andhra  Pradesh   

22 The  “ Dronachharya  ‘ award is  associated with 

A Eminent surgeons b Famous  Artists  c Sports Coaches  d cricketers

Answer c Sports Coaches 
23  ABE: 8   KLO:   ?

A 37  b  38   c 39  d 36

Answer  b  38
24 Who  was the  first British  Governor  General  of   free  India 

A  Warren Hastings   b  Lord  Louis  Mountbatten  c  Lord Minto  d  Lord  Irwin

Answer b  Lord  Louis  Mountbatten 

25  Among   five friends  , Mangala  is   taller to  Neela  . but  as tall  as Pushpa  . Asha  is taller  to Sapna , but not as tall as Neela  . In  this  group , who  is  the  shortest ?

A Mangala  b Sapna  c Pushpa  d  Asha 

Answer  b Sapna

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