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Sunday, October 30, 2011

Some useful information - Core Banking in Postal Department

What is Core Banking Project?

India Post has a vision to be one of the leaders in providing banking and money remittance services to the citizens of the country with a focus on the rural population
How it is different from the existing Sanchay Post?

Sanchay Post is a LAN (Local Area Network) based application. CBS on the other hand is a centralized application with browser based interface. There is no need for servers at the post office level for running CBS. CBS will have the following features which are not available in Sanchay Post: real-time 24x7 processing capability, centralized database, availability of alternate channels, capture of KYC (Know Your Customer) details, adequate audit & inspection features
What are the alternate service channels planned along with  CBS ?

ATM Banking
Internet Banking
Phone Banking (IVR)/ Banking through call centre
Mobile Banking
SMS Banking - tracking and alerts

What is Rural ICT project? How is this integrated with core banking?

The Rural ICT solution will computerise the rural Post Offices and provide integrated and affordable electronic services at the Branch post office level. In the Rural ICT project, the vendor will be responsible for development of core application platform; development of MGNREGS application and expansion of already existing electronic Money Order (eMO) application for RICT Hardware Devices; development of a central MGNREGS database; Integration with overall India Post 2012 solution architecture and other core applications such as Mail Operations, Core Banking Solution, Postal Life Insurance and solution deployment of the complete Rural ICT solution to approximately 1.30 lakh branch post offices
What are the objectives of CBS project?

To increase the number of customers from existing 20 crore to 35 crore by 2012
To provide multiple delivery channels like internet, mobile banking, ATMs, thereby bringing access to financial services to the doorsteps of the customers
To enable faster money remittances and fund transfers and increase volumes to capture a 50% market share by 2014
To become the one stop solution for financial inclusion & microfinance initiatives of government, public/private sector banks

Can Post Office customer transfer money to other bank account; say SBI?
Yes, the same can be done. CBS will have interface with NEFT- National Electronic Fund Transfer System run by RBI which will facilitate transfer of money from POSB accounts to other bank accounts
Does the project have any linkage with Project Arrow?

Yes. Project Arrow has linkage with CBS project. Project Arrow monitors data entry and signature scan activities which are part of pre implementation activities of the CBS project.
What are Circle Processing centres?

Circle Processing Centres (CPCs) which would act as centralized processing units for a circle and handle some of the non customer interfacing tasks centrally. Each circle will have a Circle Processing Centre
What is double entry accounting system? Will CBS have double entry accounting system?

Yes, CBS will have double entry accounting system. A double-entry bookkeeping system is a set of rules for recording financial information in a financial accounting system in which every transaction or event changes at least two different nominal ledger accounts. The above said accounting logic will be inbuilt in the CBS software.
What are the linkages between CBS and other projects?

The entire scope of India Post 2012 project is organized under 8 RFPs, in a multi-tower model with vertically integrated towers, in order to expedite the rollout of priority solutions and allow specialized and full service providers to participate in the procurement process. The vendors selected would need to work together to ensure smoothness in building and rolling out the solutions. The key linkages between CBS vendor and other vendors in the India Post 2012 project are network, data centre facility, helpdesk, call centre etc.
Whether all the schemes have to be migrated to CBS?

Yes, all existing schemes will be migrated to CBS. This is needed due to the fact that firstly Sanchay Post will be phased out and secondly due to interface with the new POS ( which will replace Meghdoot software) integrating all the applications of the post office.
What is the role of SI as far as Sanchay Post is concerned?

SI shall maintain, operate and support this application during the period of its availability. SI shall do the necessary enhancement of the Sanchay Post software during the time of ownership as may be required for successful running in the identified Post Offices.
Who will run the call centre for banking? How the staff will resolve issues while implementing CBS?

There will be an internal helpdesk to resolve the issues faced by the internal staff of DoP in relation to the products and solution/ applications implemented as part of India Post 2012 Project. A call centre will be available for the DoP customers. Both (internal helpdesk and call center) will be managed by the core system integrator as part of its scope of work.

What are the facilities the customer can get through core banking?

The customer will get the benefit of anytime, anywhere banking by access to multiple alternate channels like ATM, internet banking, phone banking, mobile banking etc.
What are the online facilities planned under internet banking for CBS?

The key online facilities that will be provided to the CBS internet banking users are: opening of TD/NSC/KVP/RD, change of contact details, cheque book request, apply for and report loss of debit/ATM card, view mini statement of past few transactions, bill payments etc.
What are the interfaces planned for CBS?

Internal and external interfaces are planned for CBS. Internal interfaces will be developed with insurance module, mail system, ATM switch, Sanchay Post, Enterprise Content Management System etc. External interfaces will be developed with EFT/NEFT, ECS, RTGS, Cheque Truncation System, National Financial Switch, payment services provider etc.

Thursday, October 27, 2011

Solved Question Paper IPO Examination 2011 Question Number 1 to 21 Paper II

Q1  Overstayal  of  leave  debited to HPL account  without leave salary

Answer : Do not count for increment
Q2  Ceiling availing  EL  at a time  if leave spent in India

Answer : 180 Days 
Q3  The number of days  of EL  that can be enchased at the time of LTC on a single  occasion  is

 Answer : 10  Days
Q4   The leave which is independent of duty period is

Answer : Casual Leave
Q5  The maximum period  up to  which hospital leave in combination with any other kind of leave can be sanctioned

Answer : 28  Months
Q6  The maximum  period up to which special disability leave can be sanctioned  Is

Answer : 24 Months

Q7  Maternity  leave is not admissible for

Answer : Threatened abortion
Q8  In case of availing child care leave , the age of  dependent  disabled children  is up to

Answer :  22 years
Q9   Combination of  leave is not permissible in case of

Answer : Casual leave with earned leave
Q10 The following kind of leave  cannot be commuted in to any other kind of leave

Q11 Encashment of earned leave  with balance of 34 days EL on account  on account of  availing  LTC  for the first time is limited to

Answer : 4 days
Q12 The rate of special allowance on passing JAO(Civil) examination for the first year is
Q13 If the amount of  increment comes to 1900 .70 paisa the amount  of increment on rounding of will be

Answer : `1900
Q14 Joining time  admissible for temporary  transfer  under rule  4 (1)  of joining time  rule is

Answer : Not admissible
Q15  The period of overstayal  of joining time will not count as service for calculating

Answer : Earned Leave
Q16  The rate of  increment  under CCS(RP) Rules 2008
Answer  : 3 % of total  of band  pay and  grade pay

Q17 A review of all type of suspension expect  deemed suspension  has to be made within

Answer : 90 Days
Q18  How is the  claim of postman for TA  for conveying  cash  regulated

Answer :Not entitled for any allowance it is the  part of  duty
Q19  Conveyance allowance  is granted if average running  km on duty per month is more than

Answer : 200  KM
Q20  When is the government  servant deemed to have relinquished  the claim for TA
Answer  : if the  claim  is not preferred  within  one year from the date it become due
Q21  The following   mode of  conveyance  do not  qualify  for grant of conveyance allowance

Answer : Travel  by foot or bicycle

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Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Solved Question Paper IPO EXAM 2011 Question No 123-150

Q123  Which  one of the following document is not a valuable  security ?
Answer :
Q124 Preambleless statue is a rare occurrence. But there are  some statues do not have a preamble which  of the following statues has no preamble

Answer : Government of  India Act 1935
Q125 In which  of the following  cases  did the supreme court rule that harmony  and balance in fundamental rights and directive principles is the basic feature of Indian Constitution

Answer : Minerva Mills V UOI
Q126 There is  no reason to compel non smokers to be helpless victims of air pollution  was held in

Answer : Murali Derora V  Union of India
Q127 Which of the following  has the power to establish a common high court for two or more states and union territory

Answer : Parliament
Q128  Which article of the Indian  constitution  gives power  to governor to grant  pardon in certain cases

Answer : Article 161
Q129 Under article  141  if high court  distinguishing judgment  of apex court on ground that there  was no  elaborate discussion and  no reason  is discernible which is clearly  violative of judicial discipline held in

Q130  Part IV A  was added  to the constitution  of India by the

Answer : 42nd amendment

Q131 By which of the following  amendment act of 1985 anti defection law was added in the constitution

Answer : 52nd  Amendment
Q132 The amendment  procedure  laid down in Indian Constitution  on the pattern of

Answer : Constitution of Canada
Q133 Does appeal  lie in petty cases

  Answer : NO
Q134 Is refusal to record FIR by the in charge Police Officer punishable?

Q135  Under  CRPC  inherent power  is given to

Answer : High Court
Q136  The warrant has to be signed by

Answer : Judge or magistrate  who issued the  warrant

Q137 Non sealed warrant of arrest is

Answer :
Q138  How should the bond be secured  if the arrested person is not resident  in India ?

Answer : Bond need to be secured by  a surety or sureties resident of  India 
Q139  The  term obstruction used under section 41( 1)  CRPC  includes

Q140  The warrant of arrest  is ordinarily directed to

Answer : Police  officer 
Q141  Is it permissible to pursue an  offender  an arrest him in a foreign country

Answer : yes under proper authority of the country
Q142 A police officer can keep  a person under police custody  after his arrest  without the written sanction of magistrate  for

Answer : Not more than  24  Hours
Q143 Anticipatory bail  can  be granted by

Answer : Court of session and high court
Q144  Parliament has enacted  a path breaking legislation empowering people  and promoting transparency in public affairs  the name of law is

Answer : The Right to information act  2005   
Q145 The right to information act  extends to

Answer : Whole India  except  the state of  J & K
Q146   An appeal can be filed under  section 19 of the  right to information  2005 within

Answer : 30 Days
Q147 Which of the following has not been  defined  under section 2 of the right to information act

Q148  Central information commission  hold office  for a term of

Answer : Five Year

Q149 Under which  section of right to information act , information is given

Answer : Section 4
Q150 Under section 20 of the right to information act maximum penalty  can be imposed up to 

Answer  `25000/-

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Saturday, October 22, 2011

Solved Question Paper of IPO Examination 2011Question Number Eighty Eight to One Twenty One

Q88   A property  is called  stolen property  under section 410 of IPC if its possession of property

Q89  Which  of the following   is not a  public servant  ?

Answer :  Liquidator
Q90  A woman  ran to well  stating  she would  jump in it  but she  was caught  before  she could reach it
She is guilty of

Answer  : No  offense
Q91  under section 99  the right of private  defense is

Answer  available against  public servants  only when  their  acts cause  reasonable apprehension  of death or grievous  hurt

Q92  The maxim ‘de minimus non curatlex means

Answer : The law  does  not take action  on small and  trifling matter
Q93  Section 511 does not apply

Answer : Attempt to murder
Q94   The defense of  consent is restrictive in its applicability in cases involving

Answer :
Q95  Give correct answer  : in case of kidnapping  from lawful guardianship

Answer : Minor must under the age of 16 years  if a male or 18  years  if a female
Q96 Relevancy  is

Answer  : Question of law  but can be raised at any time

Q97  Admission to be relevant

Q98  Sections 91 of  the  evidence act

Answer  :  Prohibits admission of oral evidence  as to  the existence  or non  of factum 
Q99 Burden of proof lightened by

Answer : Presumption
Q100  Oral evidence of a fact invalidating  the documents is admissible

Provision 1 to section 92  of Indian evidence act
Q101 A document containing  a communication  from a husband to wife or vice versa  in the hands of third person

Answer : Either A Or B
Q102 in which case the supreme court held that material evidence  and not number witnesses has to be taken note to ascertain the truth of the allegations made  

Q103 Falsus  in uno  falsus  in omni bus is

Answer : A rule of evidence
Q104  The provision of  hostile witness  is provided  in section ------------- of Indian evidence act

Answer : 154
Q105  Court questions cab be put by virtue of

Answer : Section  165 of evidence act
Q106  Which one of the  following is a public document

Answer   All of these
Q107  Plea of res-judicata

Answer :
Q108  A decision  on issue of law shall always   operate as  res-judicata

Answer :
Q109  How many  grounds of attack the foreign  judgment have been  provided  under section  13 of  CPC

 Answer :Six
Q110 Under order VII  Rule 11 of CPC

Answer : Whole of the plaint  is to be rejected
Q111 A person is an indigent  person within the meaning of order XXXIII rule of 1 of CPC, if he is not possessed  of

Answer : Sufficient means to pay the fee payable on the plaint
Q112 In a suit under order XXXVII rule  2 of CPC the defendant  has to put in appearance within

Answer : Ten days of service  of summon
Q113  Under section 100 of CPC  a second appeal  can be
Answer :
Q114  A reference under  section 113 of CPC can be made to the
Answer : High Court
Q115  Remedy  of revision is not available

Answer :
Q116   Which of the following  properties cannot  be attached in execution of a decree

Answer : Penricus
Q117  Private alienation of property by  the judgment debtor after attachment under section 64 (1)  of CPC is

Answer : Void
Q118 Abetment of proceedings is governed

Answer :
Q119  When a search is required  to be conducted outside india a criminal court may under section 166 A of CRPC issue a

Answer : Letter of Request
Q120 Who can grant warrant to search  for a document, parcel or other thing in the custody of the postal or telegraph authority

Answer : Both A& B
Q121 The power to arrest  a member of Lok Sabha  is provided under

Code of criminal procedure  1973
In any event, no part of the information published on this blog is intended to be served or considered as legal advice. The publishers shall not be liable for any action taken on the basis of information published on this blog.
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Thursday, October 20, 2011

Solved Question Paper of IPO Examination 2011 Question Number 53- 87

Q53  When a person  is holding  a public for which he is not legally entitled , which  of the following  Writ   can  be issued

Answer  Writ  of  Quo  Warranto 
Q54 After 44th Amendment  of  Indian  Constitution   proclamation of emergency  may remain  into  force  for 

 Two months in the first instance  and if approved   by parliament  shall remain in force  for six months
Q55 The doctrine of  Res IPSA LOQUITUR means

Answer : A thing  speaks  for itself  for its tells its own story
Q56  The legal term quid pro quo means

Answer  : What for what
Q57 The period of  limitation for instituting a summary suit is  ---- from  the date on which  the debt becomes due

Answer  :  One Year

Q58  Sec  114 Evidence  act  1872  deals with

Answer  :  Legal Presumption
Q59  The evidence act  1872 applies to

Answer  D None of these
Q60  Confession  made while  in custody  of police are

Answer : In admissible
Q61  Opinion of  experts  is relevant  under

Answer  C  Both of above ( section 45 and  section 46)
Q62  The test identification parade u/s -9  of evidence act should be taken whom

Answer :
Q63   Accused   statement U/S  313 Cr P C  is to be recorded on oath

Q64  For summoning an accused u/s  319  of CRPC

Answer  : Statement u/s  161  CRPC is relevant
Q65  Ordinary place of trial is 

Answer  : Where the offence has been committed
Q66 Statement  u/s  161 of CRPC  can be used  to 

Answer  : Corroborate and  contradiction statement  in court
Q67  Enquiry is conducted  by magistrate with a view to

Answer :  

Q68  For proving an offence  u/s  307  of IPC

Answer intention to commit murder has to proved
Q69  Preparation to commit  murder is

 Answer : Not punishable
Q70 Preparation to commit docoity is a

Answer  : Punishable offence
Q71  An offense of cheating intention to cheat should be present

Answer : From the very beginning
Q72 Which sec of IPC  has been declared unconstitutional and (violate) violatve of art 14 and 21 Indian constitution

Answer  Sec 306
Q73  Inherent powers of courts are mentioned under which sec or order of CPC

Answer  Sec -151
Q74 CPC includes
Answer : 
Q75  Temporary  injection relief  is mentioned  under which section of  CPC

Answer  : Order -39

Q76  CPC enforced  in

Answer  : 1974
Q77  How many  kinds of decree are

Answer  : Preliminary  and final
Q78 Consumer  dispute redressal forum  known as

Answer  :  District  Forum
Q79  The  pecuniary  jurisdiction of state consumer  commission is  

Answer : 20  Lakh 
Q80  Consumer  mentioned  u/s  2  includes

Answer  : C  Both of  them
Q81 Supreme court  includes medical services  in the case of 

Answer : Indian Medical Association  v  V P Shantha
Q82  Information  word includes

Answer  C  Both of them  ( record and documents)

Q83  Under  RTI act  the language of an application may be

Answer :  D  All of these 
Q84  The chief justice  and judges  of the high courts in India are appointed by  the

Answer : President of  India
Q85 The subject  matter  of theft

Answer  : Can be  movable property
Q86  Dishonest misappropriation  of property  has been defined

Under section 403 of IPC
Q87 in criminal breach of trust  the initial possession of  property

Answer : is  Innocent


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