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Friday, January 11, 2013

Solved Questions - Examination for selection as Postman/Mail Guard in Kerala Circle -2013 Part A GK


Q1 Who   was  coined  the word “ non –aligned and used  it to represent a doctrine  at united nations  , even  before  the Non  aligned  movement was founded
              A Jawaharlal  Nehru  b V K  Krishna Menon  c  Sukrno  d Josip  Broz Tito

Answer  b V  K Krishna Menon
2 Which  country  has  recently  test  fired  the intercontinental  ballistic  missile  called  Dongfeng -41 ?

A North  Korea  b  Japan c  China  d  Vietnam

Answer  c   China
3  The  study of  earthquake and  associated phenomena is  known as

  A Selenology  b Seismology  c Tectonics  d Teleology 

Answer  b Seismology 
4 What is  the  unit of  measuring  atmospheric  pressure

 A Bar  b  Quintal  c Calorie  d Joule 

Answer  A Bar 
5 T he  light receptive  layer in  the  eye is known  as  

A cornea b Retina c Auricles d Pupil 

Answer  b Retina
6  The name of the particle “ boson “ is  associated with  the name of

A J C Bose          b  S N Bose          c Issac Newton        d Albert Einstein

Answer  b  S N  Bose
7  Who  was the  founder of Lodhi Dynasty

A Sikander Lodhi  b  Bahlol Lodhi  c Ibrahim  Lodhi  d Daulat  Khan  Lodhi 

Answer  b  Bahlol Lodhi 
8  The  title “ Punjab Kesri  was conferred  on
A Ranjit  Singh b Bhagat Singh  c Lala Lajpat Rai  d Sardar Baldev  Singh 

Answer  c  Lala Lajpat Rai 

9 Who  administers  the  oath  of  office to  the  President of  India

A  Chief  Justice of India  b  Speaker of Lok Sabha c Prime Minister of  India  d Vice President

Answer A   Chief  Justice of India 

10  Who  is  the  author  of  the  book     The  inheritance of  Loss 

A Arundhati  Roy   b Kiran Desai  c Jhumpa  Lahiri  d Kiran  bedi 

Answer b Kiran Desai 
11 Which  is  the  capital   Laos 

A  Vientiane b  Riga c Bishkek  d Beirut 

Answer  A  Vientiane
12 Three of the following four are alike in a certain way   and  form  a group  . Which is  the  one that does not belong  to  the group 

A  Break  b  Spilt  c Separate d Change

Answer d  Change
13 Pointing to  lady  a man  told ‘ the  son of her only  brother of my  wife “  How  is  the lady  related  to  the  man  ?
A  Mother –in Law   b  Sister of  father in –law  d Maternal aunt  d Mother’s  sister

Answer    b  Sister of  father in –law 
14 A  man  travels  1 km  east  and turns  to   his  right  . After traveling  1 Km , he  again  turns  to  the  right  , in  which direction  he  is  going 

A North  b  east  c  South  d west 

 Answer  d  West
15  60 meter  of  wire weighs 80  kg ,  What will  be  the  weight  of  141 meters  of the  same wire ?

A  120 kg b  145 kg c 188 kg  d 155 kg

Answer  c 188  kg
16  Working  7  hours  daily  24 men can  complete  a piece of work in  27  days . In how many days  would  14 men  complete  the  same piece of work   by  working  9  hours  daily

A  32 days  b  31 days  c  36 days  d  39 days 

Answer  36  days
17 What   is  the  expansion  of  the  term  WAN  in  computer  terminology

A  Wide  Area Network  b Wide  angle  network  c Wide  Application network  d Word  Application node

   Answer A  Wide  Area Network  
18 The kaziranga National  park  famous  for  the  one  horned  Rahino  is  in 

A  Utter Pradesh  b   West Bengal  c Sikkim  d Assam

Answer   d Assam
19 In  a class  of  60  students , where the girls are  twice  as  that of the boys  , Kaml  Ranked  seventeenth  from  the  top . If  there are  9  girls  ahead of  kamal  , the  number  of boys  after him  are

A  3  b  7  c  12  d  13

Answer  c 12
20  Which  is  the  largest lake in  india 

A  National   b  Sambhar c Sishram  d  Chilka 

Answer d Chilka
21  Kuchipidi  is  the  dance  of  which  state 

A   Andhra  Pradesh   b Kerala  c  Karnataka d Tamil Nadu

Answer A   Andhra  Pradesh   

22 The  “ Dronachharya  ‘ award is  associated with 

A Eminent surgeons b Famous  Artists  c Sports Coaches  d cricketers

Answer c Sports Coaches 
23  ABE: 8   KLO:   ?

A 37  b  38   c 39  d 36

Answer  b  38
24 Who  was the  first British  Governor  General  of   free  India 

A  Warren Hastings   b  Lord  Louis  Mountbatten  c  Lord Minto  d  Lord  Irwin

Answer b  Lord  Louis  Mountbatten 

25  Among   five friends  , Mangala  is   taller to  Neela  . but  as tall  as Pushpa  . Asha  is taller  to Sapna , but not as tall as Neela  . In  this  group , who  is  the  shortest ?

A Mangala  b Sapna  c Pushpa  d  Asha 

Answer  b Sapna

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