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Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Divisional level agitation against administration-Notice submitted to the Supdt of Pos Mavelikara on 29.10.2013

The Supdt of Post Offices
Mavelikara Division

No: AIPEU Mvk     Dlgs         Dated  at Mavelikara HO the 28/10/2013
Sub: Agitation programme regarding
Ref: Joint memorandum dtd 09.10.2013


Your kind attention is invited to the joint memorandum dtd 09.10.2013, submitted by the Divisional secretaries of unions affiliated to NFPE.

Though many urgent and serious grievances and problems were included in the memorandum, the same remains unattended and unreplied. Many issues involving genuine problems of the employees and smooth functioning of offices are being ignored. Monthly meetings are avoided in a routine manner and held in a perfunctory way. Staff grievances are not handled in a fair and just manner and few are treated as more equal. The Divisional office was very adamant in implementing the unjustified and inconvenient transfer orders of our members but the transferred official at the divisional office continues there even after the stipulated date and after joining of the substitute.

All offices are working in hazardous atmosphere due to lack of sufficient number of scanners, generator battery or UPS battery. Cases of Departmental offices require immediate repairing and strengthening are unattended while lakhs are being spent for stone laying functions of offices. And, above all harassing of staff is in the high. Senior officials and Spm’s working at operative offices are being harassed by Divisional office and officers in the guise of project arrow. Inconvenient and hazardous circumstances faced by the staff including delivery staff are not being taken in to account and indiscriminate harassment is the order of the day. Calling for explanation of postman staff of Kayangulam HO by IP is a recent example. Obtaining explanation from an official is part or preliminary step of disciplinary action and it can be done only by a superior authorized for that. Though we have included in the memorandum, no action was seen taken in this matter.

We feel that the situation and work atmosphere prevailing in the division are not staff friendly, cordial or fair.
    The working committee meeting of the unions held on 18/10/2013 decided to adopt agitational measures against the anti employee attitude of administration.

As  the first phase, it is decided to conduct a Divisional office march on 05.11.2013.

                                                                                            Yours faithfully
                                                                                            Divisional Secretaries

V Bhuvaneswaran                      K Vijayan                                          O A Rassak
AIPEU Group C                       Postman/ MTS                                   AIPEU GDS(NFPE)

Sunday, October 27, 2013

Memorandum submitted by three unions jointly to the Supt of Pos, Mavelikara Division on 9/10/13

          The following memorandum is submitted for your immediate and serious consideration and proper action.

1)      Non-conducting of Monthly meeting

Only five meetings were held during the year. Monthly meeting is most important to discuss staff grievances.

2)      Anomalies of tenure transfer of 2013
Anomalies pointed out by the unions were not settled. Cases of Smt C D Sreeletha devi and Sri P Somasundaram.
 Smt C D Sreeletha devi is a cancer patient who has not completed her tenure at Mavelikara HO posted as SPM, Kozhuvallur, a single handed office not having basic amenities. The case is a clear violation of DG (P) letter no 137-10/2011-SPB II dated 18.10.2011
Sri P Somasundaram residing at Puliyur, Chengannur was posted as SPM, Charummmoodu vide no BB/26 dated 15/4/13. After he joined at Charummoodu he was posted as SPM, Cheppaud  which is about 25 kms away from his residence. He
Was posted in two sub offices even though MACP II and MACP III  officials available in the tenure transfer posted as PAs.

3)      Attempt to downgrade Pattolimarket PO
Seven MPKBY agents were transferred to other offices with out the consent of agents and with out consulting their appointing authority. Reduction in  the work load of the office with the intention of downgrading  the office.

4)      Retaining excess staff in Divisional Office.
All the tenure transfer are effected promptly by Divisional Office within the
 stipulated date without considering genuine grievances of affected officials. The only transfer order which is still not implemented is one OA of divisional Office even after joining of the substitute at Divisional Office resulting in excess staff in Divisional Office where LSG offices are functioning in acute shortage
5)      Revision of Dearness allowance to Contingent staff.
Revision of Dearness allowance of contingent staff with effect from  January 2009 has not been done in the Division.

6)      Harassment of delivery staff in Project Arrow Offices.
Delivery staff of Kayangulam HO were harassed and insulted by IP, Kayangulam Sub Dn in  the presence of public on    4.10.2013 alleging  failure to ensure 100% delivery on 17/9/2013, 18/9/2013 & 19/9/2013. Officials who were on leave on those days and Head Postman were also asked by the IP to give statement/explanation on low score.

7)      Filling of vacant post of Ag  SPM at Charummoodu
This LSG Office is functioning under staffed for the last 7 months except two weeks. The heavy office with three BOs and the available staff are experiencing much difficulty in managing the work load.
8)      Excess work load in Venmony Post Office.
Against the assurance given to the union the agitation started by the union in November 2012 was withdrawn. Following the assurance given by SPOs that proposal will be sent to RO for retention of Post. No further action was taken against the assurance given to the union
9)      Delay in sanctioning TA Bills.
TA Bills of more than one year is pending. TA Bills of officials deputed to PTC, Mysore and other training programmes are long pending. TA advance granted at the time of deputation is too meager that the mess fee can not be paid fully with the advance. As training programmes are pre-planned adequate fund/advance should have granted.

10) Inadequate supply of Computer/Computer accessories
In almost all offices in the Division is facing acute problem of  faulted and obsolete computers and Printers and without the back up of UPS. Urgent supply of new computers and UPS battery.

11)Delay in sanctioning PLI maturity claims
Delay is experiencing in sanctioning the maturity claims of officials.

                                                      Yours faithfully;

Divisional Secretaries

V Bhuvaneswaran                           K Vijayan                     O A RAssaq
AIPEU Gr C                                  Postman, MTS                   GDS

Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Post Office Guide , Manual and Saving Manual details.................................

Post office Guide – Part I

Contains guidelines to customers transacting in various Postal products in inland mail and other financial services and details the conditions subject to which

Post office Guide – Part II

This guide deals with conditions for posting of international mail

Post office Guide – Part III

It Contains the list of Post offices
 Post office Guide  Part IV

This guide relates to Post office Savings bank and certificates
Postal Manual Volume 1
This is a compilation of legislative enactments related to Post office.  It contains the following acts and rules

The Indian Post office Rules, 1933
The Government Savings Banks Act 1873
The Post office Cash Certificates Act 1917
The Post office Savings Banks (Nomination) Rules, 1960

Postal Manual Volume II
It Contains general guidelines, rules relating to organization matters, appeals, petitions, stock, budget and buildings

Postal Manual Volume III
Rules relating to discipline

Postal Manual Volume IV
 Rules relating to appointments, promotions, leave and establishment

Postal Manual Volume V
Rules relating to mails and investigation

Postal Manual Volume VI

This is in three parts and contains rules relating to Postal operations except Savings bank and certificates
Postal Manual Volume VI
Part I

Rules relating to collection and delivery of ordinary and accountable mail

Postal Manual Volume VI
Part II

Rules relating to booking, transmission, payment and accounting of Money orders
Postal Manual Volume VI
Part III
Rules relating to functioning of sub accounts branch, accounting in POs, Duties of postmen and letter box attendants
 Postal Manual Volume VII

Rules relating to operations in Railway mail service
Post office Savings Bank Manual Volume I

Contains rules relating to various types of savings accounts
Post office Savings Bank Manual Volume II

Contains rules relating to transactions in various types of Savings Certificates
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Sunday, October 20, 2013

Dept of Posts cuts banking fund proposal to Rs 623 cr

The Department of Posts (DoP) has lowered its estimate of funds that it needs to start banking operations to about Rs 623 crore from its earlier projection of about Rs 1,900 crore, sources said.

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Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Postal Circle, Postal Training Centre and Leading Postal Blogs details..............................

India  Post 
                          To  access the website   of  INDIA  POST  

Please  click                                                   INDIA  POST  

Assam Circle
Maharashtra  Circle
                                   MAHARASHTRA  POST

Gujarat  Circle
                                                           GUJARAT  POST

Tamilnadu   Circle
Karnataka Circle
                                                               KARNATAKA  POST

Uttarakand  Circle 
Odisha   Circle 
                                                                  ODISHA  POST
Uttarpradesh  Circle
Jammu  and  Kashmir  Circle 
                                           JAMMU  AMD  KASHMIR  POST
Kerala   Circle  

PTC  Mysore 
 To  access the website   of  PTC  Mysore 

Please  click 


 The third residential Postal Training Centre was opened at Mysore on 20th April 1965 for candidates belonging to Madras, Andhra Pradesh, Karnataka and Kerala Circles.

PTC  Madurai
 To  access the website   of  PTC  Madurai 

Please  click 


This training centre was formed on 25-08-1981. It is situated at a place called Perungudi, 9 KM south of the Madurai City. The centre is imparting various training to the postal employees of Tamilnadu  and  Kerala

 PTC Vadodara
 To  access the website   of  PTC  Vadodara 

Please  click 


The second residential Postal Training Centre was opened at Baroda on 1st July 1962 The PTC, Vadodara was established with effect from 01.07.1962 to cater the training needs of Gujarat, Maharashtra, Madhya Pradesh Postal Circles and now Chhattisgarh Circle, being centrally located and connected by rail/road/air 
It was started in a rented building of Mental Hospital in the year 1962 and from 1985 onwards it functions in its own building near airport in a land of 28.7acres.  It is about 6 kms away from Railway Station/Bus Station and less than one KM from Airport. 

PTC Darbhanga 
Darbhanga Postal training center caters to the training needs of Bihar, Jharkhand,  Orissa and West Bengal Circles. West Bengal Postal Circles includes Sikkim and Andaman Nicobar Island.

PTC Saharanpur

Residential Postal Training Centre was opened at Saharanpur on 2nd April 1951. The Centre served Punjab, Uttar Pradesh & Delhi circles and Rajasthan portion of the Central Circle 

PTC  Guwhati 
 To  access the website   of  PTC  Guwahati

Please  click 


PTC, Guwahati  was opened on 27/10/2003.
The centre is imparting various training to the postal employees of Assam and NE circle.

                        LEADING     POSTAL  BLOGS   

System  administrator 
A  great  blog  and  one  of  the  leading   blog  in  India  .Mainly  SAPOST  concentrate   to  get  solution  related  with  various  software  in  indian   postal department   .  You  can  click  the  below  mentioned  link   ans  access the   SAPOST  BLOG   

Postal Inspector
                  POSTAL  INSPECTOR  OF  POSTS   

                           A  Blog  for  Postal officers  


Leading  Postal  union  web  site  

     One  of  the  leading  Postal  Blog     
              KATIHARAHO  POST  

NFPE  Mavelikara
Mumbai  City  north  postal  division 

For study material  of  all  type  examination  in  postal  department 
A  blog    for  help all  type  of  postal departmental  examination   
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                       POSTAL  GUIDE  FOR  EXAM

 Prepared  by  S  Jayachandran  ,  SA ,  Mavelikara  HO  -690101

Gujarat PA/SA Result..........................

Monday, October 14, 2013

The cabinet has rejected the India Post proposal for starting commercial banking services

Cabinet grounds India Post bank plans....By  | Yahoo Finance India

The cabinet has rejected the India Post proposal for starting commercial banking services on the ground that it does not have the expertise to handle banking operations as a result of which the venture was not likely to be viable.

Top government sources said the proposal for starting commercial banking services by India Post that was aimed at enhancing financial inclusion through the wide network of the organization has been dropped by the cabinet after the finance ministry expressed reservations over the proposal.

The proposal needed an immediate transfusion of Rs 1,900 crore by the government.

However, the postal department has a poor financial track record. It has piled up huge losses over the last 11 years and has been losing badly to private couriers. India Post reported a loss of Rs 6,346 crore in fiscal 2011-12 which weighed against its credibility.

However, India Post is doing well on the savings front. Its outstanding balance under the Post Office Savings Scheme stood at Rs 6.05 lakh crore on March 31, 2013. This is half the deposits of State Bank of India and double that of the largest private lender ICICI Bank.

The postal department is one of 26 contenders for banking licenses. It had moved the proposal to the cabinet in order to enable it to meet the financial eligibility criteria of the Reserve Bank of India for new bank licenses to be issued by January next year.

India Post needs the government’s permission for the Rs 700 crore capital that is needed to set up the bank if it gets a licence. It will then require an additional Rs 1,200 crore in the first five years of its operations.

Unfortunately, over half of the population in rural India, do not have a bank account and the proposal for a postal bank would have a negative impact on government’s push to financial inclusion. The postal department has close to 1.55 lakh offices across country, with 1,39,040 in rural areas.

India Post reported a loss of Rs 6,346 crore in fiscal 2011-12.

Source  :

Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Solved Question Paper - Examination for Selection as Postman and Mailguard ( held on 06.10.2013 Kerala Circle ) General Knowledge

Solved  question  paper  -  Part  A  -  GK  -  Kerala  Postal  Circle  -  Limited  Departmental  Examination  for  selection  as  Postman and  Mailguard  held  on  06.10.2013

1 Aizwal  is the  capital of which Indian  State

A  Mizoram  b  Meghalaya  c  Arunachal  Pradesh   d Sikkim 

Answer   A  Mizoram 
2 The  Xith  Pacific  Postal Union  congress was held  recently  in  which  city

 A  New  Delhi  B  Bangtok  Bandar Seri  Begawan D  Kulalampur 

Answer  A  New Delhi 
3 The  pin code  194103 belongs to  which  of  the  following  offices 

 A  Chandigarh  GPO   B  Kargil  SO   C  Kurukseshtra HO    D  Tawang SO 

Answer  Kargil   SO 
4 Kuchelavrutham  Vanchippattu  was  written  by

A  Cherussery   B  Kunchan  Nambiar  C  Unnayi  warrier  d  Ramapurathu  Warrier 

Answer d  Ramapurathu  Warrier 
5 If  the day  before  yesterday  was  Wednesday,  what  is  the  day  after  tomorrow  ?

A  Friday  b  Saturday  c  Sunday  d  Monday 
Answer   c  Sunday 
6  What  is  India’s   National  Aquatic  Animal 
A  River  Dolphin  b  Olive  Ridely  Turtle   c  Blue  Whale  d  Rohu

Answer  A  River  Dolphin

7 Which  country  is  going  to  host  the  2016 summer  Olympic  Games 

A  Japan  b  Australia   c  Brazil  d  Italy 

Answer   C  Brazil
8  Which  among  the  following  numbers  is  a  perfect  square 

A  69   b  1336  c  2401  d 27554

Answer   c  2401 
9  In  which  state  is  Ranthambore  National  Park  located 

A  Jharkhand  b  Karnataka  c  West Bengal   d  Rajasthan 

Answer  d  Rajasthan 
10 Who  is  the  author  of the  book  “Animal  Farm ‘

A  GB  Shaw  b  George  Orwell   c  H  G  Wells  d  Alistair  Maclean 

Answer   b  George  Orwell 

11  Salmonella is 

A   A  Virus  b  A  Bacteria  c  A  type  of  Fish   d  A  Musical  Instrument 

Answer  b   A   Bacteria 

12  Where  is  the  headquarters  of  the  International  Monetary  Fund 

A  geneva  b  Berlin  c  Washington  DC  d  Davos 

Answer  c  Washinton  DC
13  Find  the  next  number  in  the   series   2,3,5.7,11,13,17,19

A  21  b  23 c  25  d  29

Answer   b  23 
14  M  K  Kamalam  was  the  heroine  in  which  Malayalam  Movie  ?

A  Vigathakumaran   b  Balan  c Marthanda  Varma  d  Prahalada 

Answer  b  Balan 
15  How  many  fundamental  duties  are  given  in  the  Indian  Constitution 

A  Six   b  Ten  c  Eleven  d  Thirty  nine 

Answer   b  Ten 

16  Anish  said  to  Dilip   “  the  inspector  is  the  younger  of  the  two  brothers  of  the  daughter   of  my  father’s  only  wife  “  How  is  the  inspector  related  to  Anish  ?

A Son  b  Brother  c  Cousin  d  Brother  -in  -Law

Answer  Brother 
17   The  islets  of  Langerhans  are  connected  with 

A  Astrophysics  b  human  body  c   Ireland   d  Oceanography 

Answer  b  Human  Body 
18  What  is  the  degree  measure  of  a  semi  circle 

A   0   b  90    c  180  d  360

Answer  c  180
19  How  many  members  can  be  nominated  to  the  Lok  Sabha  by  the   President 
A  None  b  One  c  Two  d  Three 
Answer  A  None 
Twelve members can be nominated to the Lok Sabha by the President of India. 
20  The  first  Indian  Institute  of  of  Technology  was  established  at

A  Bhubaneshwar   b  Kanpur  C  Kharagpur  d  Madras 

Answer   c  Kharagpur 
21  The  battle  between  Marthanda   Varma  and  Admiral  Eustachius  de  Lannoy  took  place  in  1741  at which  of  the  following  places 

Nanguneri  b  Attingal  c Colachel  d  Nedumangad

Answer  c  Colachel 
22  Who  among  the following was  not  member  of  the  Drafting  committee  of  the  Indian  Constitution 

A  Alladi  Krishnaswami  Iyer   b  K  M  Munshi  c  N  Gopalaswami  Ayengar  d  Potti  Srimulu 

Answer  d  Potti  Srimulu 
23  Who  won  the  woman’s  Singles  title   in  the  2013 Wimbledon  Tennis  Championship 

A  Sareena  Williams  b  Venus  William  c  Marion   Bartoli   D  Sabine  Lisicki 

Answer  c  Marion  Bartoli 
24  Who  among  the  following  is    one  of  the  creators  of  Twitter 

A  Jack  Dorsey b  Mark  Zuckerberg  c  Julian  Assange  D  Sabeer  Bhatia 

Answer  A  Jack  Dorsey 
25  Who  among  the  following  actors  has  no  won  the  National  Award  for  best  Actor 

A  MV  Vasudeva  Rao   b  Anil Kapoor  c  MG  Ramachandran  c  Sivaji  Ganesan 

Answer  Sivaji  Ganesan 
Prepared  by  S  Jayachandran  , SA , Mavelikara  Head  Post  office   -  690101

If  any  doubt  or  opinion   about  the  said  answer   please  intimate  us 



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