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Monday, November 15, 2010

Question and answer of Postal Assistants Examination 2010

1. The Jataka Tales were composed in the ancient language of

A .Sanskrit B. Brahmi C. Greek D. Pali Correct Answer: D

2. Who is the head of Indian State?

Prime Minister B. President C. Speker D. Vice President

Correct Answer: B

3.When Was constitution of India adopted by Constitutent Assembly?

4 .Which countries participate in Common wealth Games?

  1. All Countries of the world B. Countries which were colonies of British Empire

C. Asia Pacific Region Countries D. Under Developed Countries

Correct Answer: B

5 Viswananthan Anand is associated with which game?

  1. Snooker B. Billiards C. Chess D. Ice Hokey

Correct Answer: C

6. HTTP stands for :

A .Hypo Test Transfer protocol B. Hyper Text Transfer protocol.

C. Hyper Test transfer Proxy D . None of these

Correct Answer: B

7. Polio disease is spread by

A Parasite B. Bacteria C. Virus D. Protozoa

Correct Answer: C

8. Phylloquinone is the chemical name of

A. Vitamin A B. Vitamin C C. Vitamin K D. Vitamin D

Correct Answer: C

9. The best parliamentarian award for 2009 has been conferred on

A. Hema Malini B. Jaipal Reddy C. M. M Joshi D. Manmohan Singh

Correct Answer: C

10. Lothal had a structure which, according to some archaeologists was a

11. Liquefied petroleum Gas (LPG) consist of

A Butane and Propane B . Ethane and hexane . C. Ethane and nonane D. Butane and nonane

Correct Answer: A

12. The hobby of collecting stamps is called

A. Philnthropy B. Numismatics C. Philately D. Philology

Correct Answer: C

13. The new Rupee symbol is a combination of English and ------------ scripts

A . Devanagiri B. Tamil C . Telgu D. Gurmukhi

Correct Answer: A

14. The Nobel prize for 2009 was awarded to

A. Barack Obama B. Bill Clinton C. Mikhail Gorbachev D. Nicholas Sarkoy

Correct Answer: A

15. Who among the following was the author of Rajtarangini “ commonly regarded as the first genuine history of India written by an Indian ?

A. Banbhatta B. Ravikiriti C. Pushpadanta D. Kalhana

Correct Answer: D

16. Twitter , Facebook and Orkut are example of ______________websites

A. email B. Social Networking C. Search engines D. Internet Telephony

Correct Answer: B

17. H1N1 virus causes which of the following diseases

A. Swine Flu B. Chikungunya C. Dengue D. Avian Flu

Correct Answer: A

18. Biological pigment that determines skin colour in humans is called

A. Protein B. Melanin C. Vitamin D. Toxin

Correct Answer: B

19. My School is to the East of my House . My father’s office is to the South –West

Of may School . A Park is to the south of my school . towards which direction is my house located with respect to the Park?


Correct Answer: B

20. Which one is different from others?

A. Calf B. Colt C. Cat D. Puppy

Correct Answer: C

21. A train 350 meters long is moving at a speed of 32 KMPH. It will cross a man coming from the opposite direction at a speed of 3 KM per hour in

A. 28 seconds B. 24 seconds C. 36 Seconds D. 32 Seconds

Correct Answer: C

22. 0.45/0.005+0.2*50= ?

A. 10 B. 90 C. 100 D. 90.1

Correct Answer: C

23. The age of the father is 5 times of the Son . After 20 years father age us 40. Then what will be the age if the son.

A. 20 B. 22 C. 21 D. 24

Correct Answer: D

24. A candidate appearing for an examination has to secure 40 % marks to pass paper I . but he secured only 40 marks and failed by 20 marks . What is the maximum mark for paper I ?

A. 100 B. 200 C. 150 D. 180

Correct Answer: C

25. Six times of an unknown number is 13 less than 55 . The unknown number

A. 10 B. 7 C. 11 D.5

Correct Answer: B

26 A Sports dealer bought 2000 hockey sticks for Rs 350 each . 10 % of them were found to be defective and unfit to be sold. At what price should he sell the remaining sticks to get an overall profit of 8 %?

A. 360. B. 400 C. 420. D. 450

Correct Answer: C

27. The population of a colony of ants increase by 20 % everyday . if one Monday the population is 3000. On which day of the week is it 5184?

A. Wednesday B. Tuesday C. Thursday D. Friday

Correct Answer: C

28. Three runners Ajay , Bharath and Charan run a race with Ajay finishing 20 meters ahead of Bharath and 34 ahead of Charan , while Bharath finishes 21 meters ahead of Charan . Each runner travels the entire distance at a constant speed. What was the length of the race?

A. 40 meters B. 50 meters C. 60 Meters D. 70 meters

Correct Answer: C

29. If a men assemble 8 machine in a day . How many men are needed to assemble 12 machine in a Day ?

A. 40 B. 20 C. 30 . D. 42

Correct Answer: C

30. Find the area in square meters if the perimeter of football field which is 120 m long is 400 meters .

A. 6500 Sq m B. 9600 sq m C. 6800 Sq m D. 4800 sq. m

Correct Answer: B

31. At the end of the dinner party all the eight persons present at the dinner party shake hands with each other once. How many handshakes will be there in all ?

A. 8 B. 16 C. 28 D. 64

Correct Answer: C

32. Select the correct alternative from the given choices

BDFH, CBID ,DZLZ, EXOV-------------------------


Correct Answer: C

33. Fill in the blank

8, 40,20,100,50------------------125

A. 225 B. 250 C. 200 B. 250

Correct Answer: B

34. If the digits in the number 86435192 are arranged in ascending order, what will be the difference between the digits which are second from the right fourth from the left in the new arrangement ?

A. One B. Two C. Four D. Three

Correct Answer: C

35. Three of the following four are alike in a certain way and so form a group . Which is the one that does not belong to that group?

36. In a certain code language, if the word SECTOR is coded as CESROT then how will you code the word OPPOSITION?


Correct Answer: A

37. If 30th June 1989 was a Friday , then what day of the week was 17th September 1993?

A. Wednesday B. Thursday C. Friday D. Saturday

Correct Answer: C

38. Complete the Series

18,27,6,9,2,3, ?

A. 1 B 2/3 D. 1/3 D. 1/2

Correct Answer: B

39. Which dance form originated from Kerala?

A. Odossi B. Kathak C. Kuchipudi D. Kathakali

Correct Answer: D

40 . Nathu La is Located in the Himalyas La means

A. Glacier B. Pass C. Hillock D. Crevasse

Correct Answer: B

41. “ A speech delivered without any previous preparation “ can be expressed in one word only out of the following

A . Extempore B. Maiden C. Spinster D. Empiric

Correct Answer: A

42. The garden is very dry today. Fetch me a ------------------- of water

A. Pale B. Pail C. Spinster D. Empiric

Correct Answer: B

43. Please, may I have -------------oranges ?

A. a few B Some C. Little D. Less

Correct Answer: B

44. Delhi is -------------------than Nagpur

A. More Bigger B. So Bigger C. Very bigger D. much bigger

Correct Answer: D

45. Use proper conjunction in the sentence given below .

“ Give me ----------------------- poverty --------------------- riches”

A is/was B. nor/neither C. neither/nor D. here/there

Correct Answer: C

46. we need to ------------------ our appointment

A. reconnect B. reschedule C. Reorganize D. Regret

Correct Answer: B

47. SCEPTICAL is exactly opposite to

A. Convinced B . Doubtful C. Questioning D. Cynic

Correct Answer: A

48. Choose the wrongly spelt word

A. Relevent B. Poignant C. Prevalent D. Malignant

Correct Answer: A

49. A person who hates the institution of marriage

A. Misolgist B. Misogamist C. Misogynist D. Philogynist

Correct Answer: B

50. We have been friends for ages . I ______________ her since we were children .

A. am knowing B. are known C. have Known D. is known

Correct Answer: A


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  1. gdevening sir.the answers of qn no.35 and 43 are incorrect that is you are send.
    the logic behind qsn no 35 is x^2+1.
    and for qsn no 43 answer is afew because some is before uncountable nouns,i think the amount of oranges we can calculate i think.
    thank u sir.

  2. i think some of the answers r wrong,but good attempt and thankssssssssssssss a lotttttttt

  3. please check answers of question number 3,10,33 and 35. The answers of these questions should beB,D,B and D respectively.kindly check the answers of these questions once again.

  4. dear sir/madam, The answer of questions 3,10,33 and 35 will be B,D,B and respectively.Please check and rectify for the needfull and in the service of mankind.Kindly inform me at my pease do it before publishing the result.

  5. dear sir/madam, The answer of questions 3,10,33 and 35 will be B,D,B and D respectively.Please check and rectify for the needfull and in the service of mankind.Kindly inform me at my email pease do it before publishing the result so that any deserving candidate should not be dropped.Please publish the marks in the result of typing test and written test for knowledge and transpirancy.

  6. answer look at these links


    answer of question 3 is A

    ans B
    35 logic is
    first digit +second digit =third digit
    ans D

  7. What is the correct answer for qn-3 , I searched in net and fully confused....some says 1950 jan 26 some as 1949 nov 26

  8. AT ALL..

    THE ANSWER Of Qn.3 Which is Given in the Answer KEy is Right..

    ""Constitution of India which was adopted by the Constituent Assembly on 26th November 1949 and came into force on 26th January 1950."""


    Dont Take Wikipedia as a Proof for answers because it is an USER EDITTING WEBSITE..
    Even I or U can edit or change or Modify any information given in wikipedia..

    And for Reference, U can use the URLs under Indian Government..

  10. question no 35 answer is "D"
    logic is first digit + second digit = third digit

  11. For Q.No 35,there are 2 possibilities for answering
    1st reason is 257 is prime no, and rest of were non-prime no's..
    2nd reason is 399 is 20^2-1 and rest of were some perfect square plus 1...
    then how could we consider the answer?.. can u give me the reply pls, to my mail-id(

  12. for question no 10 answer is dockyard

  13. plz tel me d method 2 solve qstn no 28...!!!

  14. good attempt.......thank u
    (Bprao-Bapatla Engg. College)

  15. hii solution for the 28 question:
    1.assume that total distance is x. given that ajay finshes first. let t be the time at that instant. so speed of Ajay is x/t. when ajay finshes bharath was at x-20 distance so , his speed was (x-20)/t,smililary for charan we'vl get (x-34)/t.
    2.Now bharath finshes the remaining 20 mts distance, and let that time be t1, smilarly charan cover only 13 mts distance at that instant of time t1. so speed of charan was 13/t1. The ratio of speeds of bharath and charan was 20:13.
    3. given that they r movin with constant speed , i.e; at any instant of time the speeds must be same so (x-20)/(x-34)=20/13.
    solving that we will get 60 mts.

    i guessed it . if any mistake is there please excuse me. thank u for the key and the questions .

  16. for the 35 question the answer is d since every option is in the form of n*n+1;(
    12*12+1=145; 18*18+1; 16*16+1; last option 20*20-1;)
    the last option didnt satisfy that criteria . so i think that D option will be the answer.
    thank u.

  17. q no 50 option c must be correct because i have tried to write in MS Office in which it is telling correct to 3rd option but incorrect to 1st option

  18. could yo please tell me the answer for Q.NO-35 & Q.NO-50

  19. could you please tell me the answer for Q.NO-35

  20. For Qt.No:50, answer is C. Because they are friends since they are children so he already knows her. Hence " am knowing " be never use , and " have known " is the correct answer.

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