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Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Revision of Interest Rates - Patches and instruction

Revision of interest rates and various changes in SB rulings with effect from 01/12/2011, vide SB Orders No. 22-29/2011 dated 24.11.2011

To download   patches and instruction    to execute  revision of rate of  interest 
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Supervisor has to ensure the execution of the patch before commencing counter operation on 01/12/2011 and after day end in Sanchay post on 30/11/2011

Monday, November 28, 2011

The begaining and end of various Post office Savings Certificates

Name of Issue
Date of  Introduction
Date of  Discontinuance
PO  5 year Cash Certificate
PO 10 year  Defence savings  certificate
12 year  National Savings Certificate
5 year  PO National  savings Certificate
7 Year PO  National  Savings Certificate
5 Year National  Savings Certificate
10  Year  National  Plan Certificate
12 Year  National  Plan Savings Certificate
10  Year Defence Deposit Certificates
12 Year National  Defence Certificates
10 Year National  Savings Certificates  IV Issue
7 Year National  Savings Certificate IV issue
7 Year National  Savings Certificate V issue
5 Year National  Development Bond
7 Year National  Savings Certificates III  issue
12 year National  Savings Annuity  Certificates
Collected  By  S  Jayachandran
SA Mavelikara DN

Group B allotment- Kerala Circle

Chief PMG Kerala has ordered the undermentioned officers to be promoted to PS Group B on regular basis with effect from the date of assumption of charge and posted/alloted to the office/regions shown against each:

1. Sri. Suresh Yedve alloted to Central Region, Kochi
2. Sri. S.S.Patil alloted to Central Region, Kochi
3. Sri. K.V.Anantharamu alloted to Central Region, Kochi
4. Sri. Ramesh Acharya posted as Asst. Director (Rectt & Estt), Circle Office, Trivandrum.
5. Sri. Sam.P.George posted as SPOs, Tiruvalla Division
6. Sri. K.Sukumaran alloted to Northern Region, Calicut
7. Sri. M.P.Nirmal Kumar alloted to Northern Region
8. Sri. K.Anil alloted to Central Region
9. Sri. Sivasubramania Dasan alloted to Central Region.

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Sunday, November 27, 2011

Changes in interest rates from 01.12.2011 - Points to Remember

Ø  Higher interest Rates will not  only award for small investors  but also make more  cash available to the Government

Ø  The maturity  period for MIS and NSC will be cut to 5 years from  6 years
Ø  A new NSC instrument with 10 year maturity soon
Ø  Kisan Vikas patras (KVP) will be discontinued
Ø  Investment ceiling on PPF will be increased from ` 70000 to ` 1 lakh
Ø  Rates on loan  against PPF will be increased to 2 % from 1 % p.a
Ø  New interest applicable for balance at credit in account from 01.12.2011

Savings deposit 
3.5 %
4 %
1 – Year Fixed deposit
6.25 %
7.7 %
2 Year Fixed deposit
6.5 %
7.8 %
3 – Year Fixed deposit
7.25 %
8.0 %
5 – Year fixed deposit
7.5 %
8.3 %
5- year Recurring deposit
7.5 %
8.0 %
5 Year SCSS
9.0 %
9.0 %
5 Year MIS
( No Bonus)
8.2 %
5 Year NSC
8.4 %
10 Year NSC (New Instrument)
8.7 %
8.0 %
8.6 %

   savings Bank  Schemes interests are going to be changed w.e f 01-12-2011 
Points to remember 
Investment in KVP through Cheque should not be accepted w.e.f. 28.11.2011. If any cheque presented before 28.11.2011 is cleared after 30.11.2011,  the amount should be refunded to depositor. 

After 25.11.2011 while accepting cheques for opening MIS, rubber stamp should be affixed on counterfoil “No Bonus shall be payable if cheque is credited to Govt. Account after 30.11.201

Rate of interests applicable according to the Date of Clearance of cheque

To   download    order     Please  click        SB ORDER 

Thursday, November 24, 2011

Meeting with Senior officers, Directorate


On 24. 11.2011, Com. M. Krishnan, Secretary General NFPE and President CHQ, General Secretary Com. K. V. Sridharan and Com. Satyanarayana, General Secretary, Postal Accounts met the Secretary and discussed the issues. The need for review meeting on the decision arrived on strike demands and convening JCM Departmental Council meeting was discussed and stressed. Secretary (P) Ms. Manjula Prashar assured to convene the meeting shortly.

Thereafter, Secretary General & General Secretary P3 met Member (P), DDG (P) and other senior officers and discussed various issues. The following are the outcome and information, we gathered from the Directorate.

1.      LGO Exam: - Decision has been taken ignore the language papers and exam result will be decided based on the marks secured in Arithmatic Paper (25 X 2) communication will be sent to CMC for valuation of arithmetic paper and finalise results.

2.      IPO Exam:  A Committee has been constituted to review the out of syllabus questions on law paper. The Committees report is expected within a forthnight Threafter decision will be taken about the valuation of IPO exam papers. It seems that it will take atleast a month’s time for finalistion.
3.      HSG I Recruitment Rules: At last, the UPSC approved the Recruitment Rules for HSG I, the file will be forwarded to Law Ministry for approval of draft for Gazette notification of HSG I Recruitment Rules and it will be finalized within a month.

4.      Postmaster Grade III: - The Issue will be finalized within a month as the file relating to HS GI Recruitment Rules had been approved. Volunteers will be called for among the HSG I after releasing DPC for HSG I and the posts will be filled first with the HSG I officials opted for postmaster Grade III. The remaining posts will be filled as per the Recruitment Rules of Postmasters.

5.      Cadre review: - DDG (P) assured that he will finalise a draft from the Department side and discuss the same in the first weak of December 2011. We explained the urgency and the need for the earliest finalization of this major demand.

6.      Postman Recruitment Rules : - Based on our strike demands to modify the Postman Recruitment Rules and also to have a discussion about this with staff side, a meeting with DDG (P) will be held on 2.12.2011 at 11.00 hours at Directorate.

7.      Allowance Committee: - The Committee constituted for review of allowances has finalized its recommendation and is expected to submit before the end of this month. Our CHQ views, as learnt, has taken note of while considering the issues. Orders may be expected.

8.      GDS Demands: - i) Despite strong recommendation by the Department, JS (FA) has once again return the file with some objections relating to the case of reduction of point from Rs. 20,000/- to Rs. 10000/- we should exert more pressure.
(ii) Similarly the enhancement of Bonus ceiling file was also returned by the internal finance stating that the GDS are doing duties less than 5 hours. This should also be taken vigorously

9.      Casual Labourers: - The Committee constituted to consider about application of revision of wages and also the future of the existing casual labourers/contingents has sought information from various circles. The finalisation of Committee, it is leant, will take more time, there are 21000 contingent part time casual labourers. We may think of suggesting to convert such posts as GDS or may be absorbed in the unfilled vacancies of GDS which were kept under skeleton.

10.  Postmaster Grade I: - The declined vacancies have been filled up with the remaining successful candidates of all the circles except five circles from which no informations were received. They have been addressed. No examination was held in Kerala Circle due to court cases.

11.  PA Recruitment: - PA Direct recruitment for the vacancies up to 2011 December may be scheduled in the month of April 2012 and the revised recruitment Rules will be brought in to effect. Directorate has initiated the process.

12.  Confirmation Exam: - In the revised PA recruitment rules, the confirmation examination has been removed. There is no examination hereafter. All will be confirmed by DPC committee as per 6 (i) (12) of the said rules. This is a major achievement so far our P3 Comrades.

13.  Rules 9 Cases/Review petitions: - Member (P) Ms. Yasodhara Menon informed that time bound action has been initiated to clear all pending Rule 9 Cases/Review petitions. She assured result-oriented action on other issues also.


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Monday, November 21, 2011

Various Job in Central Bank of India - Last date 25/11/2011

Last date of Application
Central Bank of India
Various Specialist Jobs

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Sunday, November 20, 2011

New Recuritment Rules for Postal/Sorting Assistants with Pattern of Present Syllabus of Examination

Recruitment Rules Postal Assistant/Sorting Assistants, 2011 

Department of Posts has notified Department of Posts ( Postal Assistants and Sorting Assistants) (Group-C Non-gazetted) Recruitment Rules, 2011. These have been published in Official Gazette on 3.11.2011.

They come into force from the date of publication in Official Gazette.

For direct recruitment 10+2 or 12 Standard candidates with atleast 60% marks with English as compulsory subject [ excluding vocational stream], 55% for OBC and 45% for SC/ST will be eligible.

GDS should have obtained 50% marks in +2 or 12th standard and should have put in minimum 5 years service.


Pattern   of   present  syllabus  for  Postal Assistant  /Sorting  Assistant Examination 

Objective Type question

The topics for the exam are English, mathematics, reasoning ability and numerical ability & general knowledge. The syllabus for the following topics is:


Relations and Functions
Sets and their Representations
Union, intersection and complements of sets
Algebraic properties of Sets
Equivalence relations
Into and onto mappings
Composition of mappings
Complex Numbers
Complex numbers in the form a+ib and their representation in a plane
Argand Diagram
Algebra of complex numbers
Modulus and Argument (or amplitude) of a complex number
Square root of a complex number
Cube roots of unity
Triangle inequality
Matrices and Determinants

Reasoning ability
The test will be also having questions from
Analytical functions
Arithmetical computation
Arithmetical number series
Arithmetical reasoning
Decision making
Problem solving
Relationship concepts
Space visualization
Symbols and their relations
Verbal and figure classification
Visual memory
English language
The questions will be based on:
Sentence completion
Comprehension of a passage
Numeric Ability
The questions will be from topics like,
Decimals and fractions
Relationship between numbers
General knowledge and general awareness

Friday, November 18, 2011

Post office savings deposit is more attractive

The rate of interest on various small savings schemes for current financial year on the basis of the interest compounding/payment built in the schemes, will be as given below:-

Current Rate (%)
Proposed Rate (%)
Savings Deposit
1 year Time Deposit
2 year Time Deposit
3 year Time Deposit
5 year Time Deposit
5 year Recurring Deposit
5-year SCSS
5 year MIS
8.00 (6 year MIS)

Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Major changes in Post Office Agents Commission

Decisions on the recommendations of the committee for comprehensive review of national small savings fund  (NSSF) by finance ministry in respect of commission to be paid to post office agents.

Commission to Post Office Agents
Payment of commission on PPF schemes (1%) and Senior Citizens Savings Scheme (0.5%) will be discontinued.

 Agency commission under all other schemes (except MPKBY agents) will be reduced from existing 1% to 0.5%

Commission at existing rate of 4% will continue for Mahila Pradhan Kshetriya Bachat Yojana (MPKBY) agents.

 Incentives, if any, paid by the State/UT Governments will be reduced from the commission paid by the Central Government


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