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Friday, May 20, 2011

Model question for Postmaster Cadre I ( Based on General Postal Matter )

Q1   The system was reorganized and the service opened to the general public by Warren Hastings first governor general of Bengal with supervisory powers over Bombay and Madras, in ------------.
a. 1874    b . 1898   c. 1774
Q2      EMS  means 
a. Express Mail Service    b.  Electronic Mail Service   c. E enabled  Mail Service
Q3 ------------------- service for sending parcels and large consignments across the nation and around the world.
a. Parcel    b Media Post   c . Logistic Post
Q4 . Money Order Videsh is a new offering of India Post to facilitate remittances to -----------
a. Foreign Countries  b. within  India   c Both
Q5  The e-IOD service would be offered initially with ------
A  Business Post     b. Logistic Post   c. Bill Mail Service  
Q6 The bar code would contain 13 characters
The above said statement is

         a. True    b. False
Q7  For transfer of accounts- the depositor should apply in the prescribed form---------------
a.  SB10(b)  b. SB3      c .SB10(c)

Q8. When there is no transaction in an SB account continuously for -- financial years, the account will be treated as silent account.
a. 3  b. 2  c. 4
Q9    LSG/HSG offices can revive the accounts independently
          The above said statement is

         a. True    b. False

Q10  In case of bouncing of cheque INR. ----/- is charges as service charge
a. 25   b.35  c.50
Q11 Premature closure after ----- year is allowed in SCSS
a. 1 b. 2. c. 5
Q12 India Post allows free transmission of blind literature packets up to ----- kilograms
a.8  b.7  c.9

Q13  Any parcel exceeding 4 kilograms in weight then registration is
a. Compulsory   b . Not compulsory
Q14   All articles superscribed C/O POSTMASTER or in any other similar way are called ------------articles.
a. Postal       b . poste restante    c. priority

15 . The world’s first stamps were called the---------
a. Penny Blacks    b Penny red    c. Blacks Penny .

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