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Monday, May 23, 2011

Model Question Paper for Departmental Examination- Based on Various Certificates

Q1 Savings Bank Act  -------------
a. 1874  b. 1888 c. 1873
Q2. Post office  Savings Bank Mannuals – Volume  I containing ----------------
a. Act and  statutory  rules  b. procedural Rules on PO certificate c. Procedural Rules on Post office Savings bank
Q3   5 year Indira Vikas  Patra  Discontinued from----------- 
a. 15.07.99    b. 15.05.2010   c. 16.03.99

Q4. Certificate  of all types and denominations are printed at the Government of India security Press ----------------
a. Goa  b. Delhi  c. Nasik
Q5  Work  of stocking  and supply of certificates  entrusted with  -------------------
a. Postal stores depot b. Circle Stamp Depot .b Circle office
Q6 In Post office working on SB (LAN) the stock of certificate will remain with Postmaster and no working stock will be issued to counter .
The above said statement is
         a. True    b. False
Q7. Yearly Lists of Unsold certificates may be prepared on
a. 31st Dec of each year   b. 31st March of each  year  c. 1st April of each year
Q8 A Minor can  purchase the certificate through an adult ( any Person) or direct in his name
The above said statement is
         a. True    b. False
Q9 Fee for certificate of  commission earned by  agent
a. 5/-  b. 10/-   c. 1/-
Q10  The word  “ negative List    is related with
a. Time Deposit  b. Certificates C. Saving Bank Account

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