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Saturday, May 7, 2011

Model question Paper for Postmaster Cadre I ( Based on POSB Rulings)

Q1. Any SAS/MPKBY/PPF agent cannot act as an agent or messenger of a depositor for the purpose of withdrawal from his/her saving bank account.

The Above-mentioned statement is

a. True b. . False

Q2 A pensioner can now open pension account either individually or jointly

a. True b. False

Q3 Retired employee of any govt. department can draw pension through
pension account.

a. True b. False

Q4 MIS account in multiple of Rs. 1500/- can be made instead of Rs. 1000/- MIS and the maximum limit of investment in a single account has been raised from Rs. 3 lakh to Rs. 4.5 lakh and in joint account opened by two or three adults; the maximum limit has been raised from Rs. 6 lakh to Rs. 9 Lakh.


a 1.8.2007 b. 12.5.2008 c.30.08.2009

Q5 . Admissibility of 5% bonus on maturity amount of MIS accounts opened on or after

a. 28.12.2008 b. 25.12.2007 c. 08.12.2007

Q6 With effect from------------------, all Single/Double handed Sub Post Offices, at the time of closure/premature closure of RD/MIS/SCSS accounts will collect closed passbook from the depositor and attach the same with account closure form and send in a manner as prescribed for dispatch of vouchers and LOT to HO.

a. 15.2.2008 b, 11.06.2010 c. 23.06.2010

Q7. As per provisions of Section 269-T of Income Tax Act, amount of any repayment of deposit or loan together with interest made with Department of Posts if becomes Rs. 20,000/- or more, it can only be made by account payee cheque or account payee bank draft or by crediting into Savings Bank Account if standing at the same post office.

The above said statement is

a. True b. False
Q8.The reinvestment of matured certificates / deposits either in the same scheme or in any other schemes through the Post Office authorized Agents is admissible except in case of redeposit made in ----------account under Sub Rule (3) of Rule 6 of POTD Rules 1981 in which redeposit is made retrospectively from the date of maturity

a. TD b. MIS c. RD

Q9. NRIs cannot invest in any of the Small Savings Schemes and Power of Attorney cannot open any account in any of the Small Savings Schemes.

The above said statement is

a. True b. False

Q10 A blind/visually-impaired person can open and operate Savings, RD, MIS, TD, SCSS, PPF accounts and also purchase NSC VIIIth Issue or KVPs in his/her name independently.

The above said statement is

a. True b. False

Q11. NREG accounts will be ----------------------and also cannot be converted into single or joint at a latter stage

a.. Non-transferable b. Transferable

Q12. From -------------, the transferring Head Post offices will dispatch Advice of Transfer (AT) by Service Insured Post for Rs.100/- duly sealed instead of Service Registered Post.

a. 16.03.2009 b. 12.06.2010 c.15.05.2008

Q13. present the Counter Assistant is authorized to receive deposits and allow withdrawals up to Rs.--------------/- in savings accounts only under his own power without showing the documents to the Ledger Assistant and the Supervisor.

a. 5000 b. 2000 c .4000

Q14 The date of credit of cheque in case of RD/PPF account will be the date of
a. Date of Clearing b. Date of Presentation of the cheque

Q15 Postmaster includes Sub-Postmaster, Branch Postmaster, Dy. Postmaster, A.P.M and SPMs in charge of SB Branch should not act as an agent or messenger of a depositor for the purpose of withdrawal from a saving bank account standing open in his office

The above said statement is

a. True b. False


  1. where is the answers ??????? pls give

  2. these questions are too easy to answer.
    please provide the answers from your side for cross verification




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