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Saturday, October 22, 2011

Solved Question Paper of IPO Examination 2011Question Number Eighty Eight to One Twenty One

Q88   A property  is called  stolen property  under section 410 of IPC if its possession of property

Q89  Which  of the following   is not a  public servant  ?

Answer :  Liquidator
Q90  A woman  ran to well  stating  she would  jump in it  but she  was caught  before  she could reach it
She is guilty of

Answer  : No  offense
Q91  under section 99  the right of private  defense is

Answer  available against  public servants  only when  their  acts cause  reasonable apprehension  of death or grievous  hurt

Q92  The maxim ‘de minimus non curatlex means

Answer : The law  does  not take action  on small and  trifling matter
Q93  Section 511 does not apply

Answer : Attempt to murder
Q94   The defense of  consent is restrictive in its applicability in cases involving

Answer :
Q95  Give correct answer  : in case of kidnapping  from lawful guardianship

Answer : Minor must under the age of 16 years  if a male or 18  years  if a female
Q96 Relevancy  is

Answer  : Question of law  but can be raised at any time

Q97  Admission to be relevant

Q98  Sections 91 of  the  evidence act

Answer  :  Prohibits admission of oral evidence  as to  the existence  or non  of factum 
Q99 Burden of proof lightened by

Answer : Presumption
Q100  Oral evidence of a fact invalidating  the documents is admissible

Provision 1 to section 92  of Indian evidence act
Q101 A document containing  a communication  from a husband to wife or vice versa  in the hands of third person

Answer : Either A Or B
Q102 in which case the supreme court held that material evidence  and not number witnesses has to be taken note to ascertain the truth of the allegations made  

Q103 Falsus  in uno  falsus  in omni bus is

Answer : A rule of evidence
Q104  The provision of  hostile witness  is provided  in section ------------- of Indian evidence act

Answer : 154
Q105  Court questions cab be put by virtue of

Answer : Section  165 of evidence act
Q106  Which one of the  following is a public document

Answer   All of these
Q107  Plea of res-judicata

Answer :
Q108  A decision  on issue of law shall always   operate as  res-judicata

Answer :
Q109  How many  grounds of attack the foreign  judgment have been  provided  under section  13 of  CPC

 Answer :Six
Q110 Under order VII  Rule 11 of CPC

Answer : Whole of the plaint  is to be rejected
Q111 A person is an indigent  person within the meaning of order XXXIII rule of 1 of CPC, if he is not possessed  of

Answer : Sufficient means to pay the fee payable on the plaint
Q112 In a suit under order XXXVII rule  2 of CPC the defendant  has to put in appearance within

Answer : Ten days of service  of summon
Q113  Under section 100 of CPC  a second appeal  can be
Answer :
Q114  A reference under  section 113 of CPC can be made to the
Answer : High Court
Q115  Remedy  of revision is not available

Answer :
Q116   Which of the following  properties cannot  be attached in execution of a decree

Answer : Penricus
Q117  Private alienation of property by  the judgment debtor after attachment under section 64 (1)  of CPC is

Answer : Void
Q118 Abetment of proceedings is governed

Answer :
Q119  When a search is required  to be conducted outside india a criminal court may under section 166 A of CRPC issue a

Answer : Letter of Request
Q120 Who can grant warrant to search  for a document, parcel or other thing in the custody of the postal or telegraph authority

Answer : Both A& B
Q121 The power to arrest  a member of Lok Sabha  is provided under

Code of criminal procedure  1973
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