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Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Solved questions of IPO Examination 2012 -Paper IV Question No 51 -100 General Awareness



The  present governor of  Reserve  bank   of  India  is

Answer    D  Subbarao
The vacancy  in  the  office  of  president  must  be filled  within

Answer 6   months
C V  Raman  was awarded  the noble prize in
A  Quantum  Theory   B Nuclear Physics   C Thermo Dynamics    D  None of these

Answer  D None  of these
Who is  the present  chief justice  of  India
A  Justice A  S  Anand   B Justice   P N Bhagwati  D None of these

Answer D  None of these  

Correct  Answer      Altamas Kabir from  September 29, 2012
The  famous  Persian  poet  Firdausi lived  during  the reign of

Day and Nights are equal throughout the year at

Answer  Equator
The  following towns associated  with  principal  industries  are  parried  . Select  the pair  not  correctly  matched
A  Kodarma – Mica Mining 
B  Ranjganj- Coal Mines
C  Dalmmiangar-cement
D  Jameshedpur- Fertlizers and chemicals

Answer C  Dalmianagar-cement

Anjali  Bhagwat  is related to  the game

Answer Shooting
What  is  the salary  of  ex-officeo chairman  of Rajya  Sabha 

Answer  125000/- 

Sitara devi  is  associated  with  which  form  of dance

Answer  Kathak 
Protein deficiency  disease  is  known  as 

Answer Kwashiorkor and Marasmus
Seven  north  -eastern  states  are called   “:The seven sisters’ .  Which one  among  the  following  is  not  part of the  group
Answer  Sikkim
Point  out the  incorrect statement
To  qualify for  the  membership of Rajya  Sabha  , One has  to 

Answer Fulfils the qualification  of becoming a member of parliament

Who  wrote  Panchatantra

Answer Vishnu  Sharma
The largest  exporter  of  Mica is

Answer   USA
In India  proclamation  of emergency  is made under

Answer Article 352
How much  would  a  70 kg  man  weigh on  the moon

114.1 Newtons
Smallest & largest  planet of  solar system respectively

Mercury & Jupiter
The MOTTO  of  the  national  defence Academy  is 

Sewa  Parmo  Dharma
How many  languages  have  been  recognized by the Indian  constitution  now

Answer 22
In  the  epic  Mahabharta  who  was  the  archery  teacher of both pandavas and  kauravas

Answer  Dronocharya
Anusuya  who  gave sermons to  sita ,  the wife  of lord Rama  , during their  banishment to  forest ( Vanavassa) was  the  wife  of  sage

Answer     Atri
Ankaleshwar in India  is  known for the production  of 

Answer     Petroleum
Viswanathan  Anand won  the world  chess championship  2012  by defeating

Answer   Boris  Gelfand  
What  is  the  “ Motto  “  of  Olympics  2012

Answer  Inspire a Generation .
Identify  the  incorrect  match  with  respect  to  IPL  2012
A Man of the series  -  Sunil  Narine
Most  Runs -   Chris Gayle
Most wickets -  Morne Markel
Fair Play Award -  Kings XI  Punjab 

Answer  Fair Play Award -  Kings XI  Punjab       (Fair play  award was won by  Rajasthan  Royals )
When  both  houses of  the  parliament  are not  in session  and  if government  feels  the need  for  immediate action , President  can  promulgate   ordinance  which have  the  same  force  and  effect  as laws  passed  by  the  parliamentary approval  ordinance  remain valid  for  no  more  than  ------------------- from  the date the parliament  is  convened unless approved  by it earlier
Answer  6  Weeks
Kankesthurai  harbour , for  which  indicate  is providing  financial  assistance also  , is  located  in 

Answer Sri Lanka 
Large  hadron   collider (LHC) lies  in  tunnel  27  kilometer  in  circumference as deep as 175  meters
Answer  Beneath the France –Swiss  Border 
1        dioptre of power of lens 
Answer Whose focal length  is  1 Meter
The alloy  containing  copper  , tin and  zinc in  the ratio 87:10:3  is  called
Chronologically  arrange the  visits of  following  pilgrims /historical  personalities to India 
A  Thomas  Roe  B  Fa Hien    C  Huen  Tsang

The speaker of Lok  Sabha  while   a resolution  for his removal  is  under consideration

Answer  : Shall not preside the house but shall have right to speak and take part in the proceedings of the house and shall also have right to vote except in case of equality of votes
Kelvin  is  used to  measure
Answer Temperature
Which  of the following  gases  are given  out during  photosynthesis
Answer Oxygen
What  is the  script  of Ashok’s  inscriptions
Answer Brahmi
The official  mascot  of  London Olympic   Games 2012 is 
Answer Wenlock and  Mandeville
According to  citizenship Act 1955 one  of the  methods for  acquiring  citizenship is  by the birth , who  will be  treated  citizen by  birth  except the children  from  the diplomat

Judge against whom  adoption  of an  impeachment  motion  in  Rajya  Sabha  was passed  for  the first time  in  Indian History and  due to which he had to   resign . The Judge referred here was from

Answer  Kolkata High Court
Central  information commission  is  constituted  by  the central government  thorough  a  Gazette Notification . The commission  will  include one  central   information  commissioner and  the number of  the information  commissioners shall  not be more than

Answer  10
Match   the  correct  election  symbols  of political  parties  and  identify  the mismatched  one
Answer  Communist Party  of India  (Marxist)  - Ears of com and sickle  
Kaiga  power  plant is

Answer Nuclear Power Plant
Blood  pressure is  measured  by 

Answer  Sphygmomanometer
The  national  defence fund is  directly operated  from

One gigabyte equals 

Answer  1024 Megabytes
The great Asian  River Mekong  does not  run through

Answer  Malaysia
Which  part  of  body  is affected  in typhoid 

Answer Intestines
Yakshagan  is  the famous dance form  of the state of 

Answer Karantaka
Who   is the present human  resource development  minister at center

Answer Kapil Sibal
Who is  awarded with  orange cap in  IPL  cricket  tournament

Answer  Highest Runs Scorer
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