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Sunday, June 5, 2011

Model questions Based on SB and CCS(Conduct Rules) for PM Cadre I

Q1      Transfer of accounts from one office to another is not allowed after the death of depositor
a.       True  b .false

Q2      LSG PM can sanction deceased claim case   up to
a.       1000/-  b. 2000  c. 5000

Q3   In the case of joint account     both depositors ------------ sign  on the application for transfer of accounts
a. must      b. must not

Q4   A cheque drawn on any bank at the same station as that of the office at which it is accepted will be regarded as -------------
Outstation cheque   b. local cheque  c. None of these

Q5   In respect of silent accounts having balance below the stipulated minimum ( ie 50) service charge of Rs ------- shall be deducted on the last working day of each financial year .
a. 50       b.10       c.20

Q6  SAS means
a. Standard Agency System  b. standards Agent System  c. Savings  Agent System

Q7   The maximum limit of Senior Citizen Savings Bank Account is ----------------
a. 100000 b 1500000   c. 500000

Q8   ---------- cheques is a cheque which is issued by the person or authority for payment of money on some future dates.
a.  out dated    b. post dated   c Local Cheque

10   Code of Conduct is related with ------------
a. CCS (Conduct)   b. CCA (Conduct)   c. None of these

11.  A government servant casually attend a political meeting
a. true  b. false

12 .  When group C official receive a gift from relative and value of gift exceeds Rs -------- then it  should report to  Government
a. 10000 b. 2000 c. 1000

13   A govt servant  used to canvas in support of the business of insurance agency , commission agency etc  owned or managed by his wife  or any other member of his family  then it will treated as ---------- action
a. Regular   b. irregular c. None of these

14 The Group C official can deposit   up to  Rs ---------  in  share, mutual funds  during a calendar year
a. 50000/- b. 25000 c.35000

15 The CCS (Temporary service) rules came into effect from -------------
a. 2nd  June 1964     b. 3rd   January 1965    1st May 1965

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