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Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Inventors and Discovers - Study material for IPO and Postal /Sorting Assistant

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1.       Who  made the first balloon that could fly  in  the air 
2.       Who  invented the first bicycle
Baron Daris in 1816
3.       Who  discovered  the metals sodium  and potassium
Sir Humphry  Davy
4.       Who   invented the compound microscope
Hans and Zacharias  Janssen of Netherlands
5.       Who  discovered the laws of gravitation 
Sir  Issac Newton
6.       Who  compiled the first logarithmic  table
John Napier  in 1614

7.        Which Danish physicist and chemist founded electromagnetism in 1820 and was also the first isolate aluminum

Hans  Christian Oersted
8.       Which planet was  discovered by Sir Willam Herschel in 1781
9.       Name the gas discovered in  air by Rayleigh and Ramsay
10.   Who  first made  the incandescent lamp
Thomas Alva Edision
11.   Who  discovered Bahama , Cuba and west indies
Christopher Columbus
12.    Who  first  isolated sodium
Sir Humpy  Davy
13.   Which  mountain range did Henry stanely discover
The  Mountains of the Moon

14.   Who  invented the jet engine
Frank whittle

15.   Name inventor of the snooker
Naveil Bowles Chamberlain

16.   Who first isolated the metallic element radium
Pierre and marie curie

17.   Who  invented the gasoline driven internal combustion engine
Gottlieb Daimler

18.   Who  discovered hydrogen gas
Henry  Cavendish

19.   Who made the first Electric motor
Michael Faraday

20.   Who  developed the first printing press in 1439
John Guttenbergh

21.   What system of writing was invented by  Sir Issac Pitman

Phonographic Shorthand
22.   Who invented paper in  China
Tsai Sun
23.   Who  is credited  with  being the  inventor of  the computer
Charles Babbage
24.   Who  first discovered  how  to  measure density
25.   Who  invented the electric battery
Albert Einstein
26.   Who  invented motion  picture projector
Thomas Alva Edision
       27    Who  discovered that water was produced by  burning hydrogen
Henry Cavendish
       28     Who  invented  television
John  Baird
      29     Who    invented diesel  engine
Rudolf Diesel
      30     Who invented the battery
Alessandro  Volta
     31     Who  invented military  tank
Ernest Swinton of Britian  in 1916
     32     Who  invented  X-ray  tube
Withelem Rontgen
     33     Who  invented the magic cube
Erno Rubic
      34    Who propounded  the Theory  of Relativity 
Albert Einstein
     35    Who  invented the first simple calculating machine
Blaise Pascal
    36     Who  invented shorthand
Sir Issac  pitman
    37    Who invented   the  safety -razor
King C Gillette
   38     Who   discovered  the  solar system
   39    Who built the first submarine and when 
                                                  David Bushnell in 1776

  40    Who  invented  the lightning conductor
Benjamin Franklin

Collected and prepared by  S  Jayhachandran, System Administrator , Mavelikara Postal Division , 690101-996164279

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