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Friday, September 28, 2012

LGO Examination Answer Key Question No 29- 50 English

Directions   Questions Nos  26-  29  Find out the correctly  spelt word

(A)  Acquaintence   
(B) Acquaintance
(C) Acquaintince

  Answer   B                                  
27    (A )    Abriviation
        (B)     Abbreviation
       ( C )    Abbrivation
(E)       Abbreveation

Answer   B                                         
28   (A)  Believable 
       (B)  Beleivable
       (C ) Belivable
       (D)  Believible

Answer  A                                                     
   (A)  Defamatary 
        (B)  Defamatery
         (C ) Defamatory   
        (D)  Defamatry

           Answer     C                                                  
Question  Nos  30 to 34   each of the following  items  consists  of a word  in capital letters  followed  by four words. Select  the word  that is similar  in the meaning to the word  in capital letters
      30      UNAWARE
      (A) Ignorant 
(C ) Unworthy      
(D) Famous

Answer : A

      (A)  Charged ‘
       (B) Condoned
(C )  overlooked   
 (D)  Moved

Answer    B
    32   ACCESS
      (A) Reach  
      (B)  Loan
     ( C ) Help            
     (D)  Advantage
    (e) Answer  A

       33 .       MASSES
          ( A)   Groups 
         (B)  Customary
   ( C ) Officers   
    (D)   Parents

           Answer   A
34         TRADITIONAL
       (A ) Religious  
       (B ) Customary
     (C ) Stories    
       (D )  Rules
       Answer  A

Complete  the  sentence  with appropriate   word
         35 Lane driving is the …………….. Driving.
(A  Insane
(B)  Sane
( C )  Fool’s    
(D)  Brave

Answer   B
        36     A Group of flies is a-----------------
        (A)    Flock        
     (B)  Swarm
©   Gaggle
(D)  Nest

Answer   B

    37  .Choose the right meaning for PANACEA
              (A)  Great fear     
              (B)  A cure for all
      (C ) Whole of Asia 
      ( D )  A Germ Killer
Answer   B
     38    The word  “ calm” means.
             (A)   Quiet
           (B)  Quite
  ( C ) Quit
 ( D ) Livid
Answer    A

39  Choose  among  the following   which is an active  voice

A  You are  requested  to  do  me favour
B  Let the police  be  informed
C.  Let him sing a song
D  I was  spoken  to  by  him

Answer  C
Directions ( Questions Nos   40  to   43   Each  of  the following  items  consists  of a word  in capital letter followed by   four words .  Select the word that is  opposite  in meaning to  the given  word
40   REAL

A  Imaginary    
B  Hypothetical
C  Invisible
D  In Fact 

Answer  A
A  Foreign
B  Abnormal
C  Native
D  Genious
Answer  A
A    Explict
B    Disparity 
C    Confusing
D    Vague
 43   STALE
A  New 
B  Fresh
C  Stink
D Perfumed

Answer  B
Question  Nos  44  to   47   Choose  the correct  Preposition  and  fill in  the blanks
44  We have  many  other things  in common  --------------- our liking  for Indian   Classical music

A  Beside
B  Besides
C  Despite
D  Altogether

Answer   B
45  Ram killed   a snake  ------------  a stone

A   By
B   With
C  From
D  Through
Answer B
46  My  Maruti car does twenty  kilometers------------- a liter

A  In
B  To
C  Of
D  By
Answer  A
47  He  is  superior  ------------------ me
A  Than
B   To
C  From
D With

Answer  A

Questions  No  48  to  50   Change the following  Sentences  into  reported speech

48    I  said  to  her  “  He  is  a good  Boy”

A  I  told her that  “ He is   a good boy
B    I  told her that he was a  good boy
C  I asked her that he is a  good boy
D  I asked her that  he was a good boy

Answer   B
4 9  Rahim  said  “  I will watch a horror movie  tonight “

A   Rahim said that  he will watch  a horror  movie   tonight
B  Rahim said that  he would watch  a horror movie  tonight
C  Rahim said that  he would watch   a horror movie   that night
D Rahim said  that  he should   watch a horror  movie  tonight

Answer  C
50   Manu   said    “  I am  busy  now “
A  Manu  said  that he was  busy  then 
B   Manu  said  that  he  is  busy  now
C Manu  said  that  he was busy  now 
D  Manu  told  that  he was busy  now

Answer   A
Solved  By    S  Jayachandran  ,  System  Administrator  , Mavelikara Division  -690101    9961464279

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