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Monday, November 26, 2012

Previous Year question Paper for Civil Service Examination 2008 QNo 1 to 15

1.       In  the series                                                                                Download/Print

AABABCABCDABCDE  which letter occupies  the 100th position

        a.  H  b. I  c. J  d. K

Answer     b .  I
2.       What is  the number  of  terms in  the  series 117,120,123,126,--------- 333?

      a.       72  b. 73  c. 76  d. 79
Answer  b 73
3.       In  how many  different  ways  can  four books A,B,C and D  be arranged one above another in a vertical order such  that the books A  are  never in  continuous position ?
             a.       9  b. 12 c. 14 d. 18
Answer  b  12
4 . Carpenter A can make a chair in  6 hours , carpenter B in  7 hours and carpenter C in  8 hours . If each carpenter works for 8 hours per day , how many  chairs will be made in 21 days ?

a   61  b. 67  c. 73  d. 79

               Answer  c  73  
5 A person  purchase 100 pens at a discount of  Rs  10 % . The  net amount of money spent by the person to purchase the pen is Rs 600/- The selling expenses incurred by  the person are 15 % on the net cost price . What should be the selling price  for 100 pens in order to earn profit of 25 %

               a.        Rs  802.50 b. 811 .25  c. 862.50  d. 875

Answer  C 862
6 A school teacher has to select he maximum possible number of  different groups of 3 students out of a total 6 students . In how many groups any particular student will be included ?

             a.       6  b. 8 c. 10 e 12

Answer  C  10
7  In an examination  70 % of the students passed in the Paper I  and 60 % of the students passed in the paper II . 15 % of  the  students failed in both  the papers. What is the total number of students?’

            a.       600  b. 580  c. 560  d.540

Answer  a  600
8 . What is   Bishphenol  A (BPA) 
A .  A medical test for detecting cancer
 b A test for testing the use of drugs to improve performance by  athletes
c . A Chemical used for the development of food packaging material 
d. A special type of  alloy  steel 
Answer  c . A Chemical used for the development of food packaging material 

9 Which of  the following pairs about India’s economic indicate and agricultural production (all in round figures)  are correctly matched ?
1.       GDF per capita  current prices : 37000
                  2              Rice                                              : 180 million tons
                  3.            Wheat                                        :  73 million tones

A 1 , 2 and 3   b. 1 and 2   only   c . 2 and 3 only  d. 1 and 3 only

Answer  d. 1 and 3 only
10  March 1  2008  was Sunday  . Which  days was it on March  1 2002 ?

            a.       Thursday b.  Friday  c. Saturday d. Sunday 

Answer   b  Friday
11 In  august 2006  the government of India notified the Rural Electrification policy . This policy aims at  provision of access to all households by which year ?

A 2008 b 2009 c 2010 d 2012

Answer d 2012
12 As per India’s National population policy 2000, by which one of the following years is our long term objective to achieve population stabilization

A 2025  b 2035   c 2045  d 2055

Answer c 2045
13 Which  one of the following  Union ministries is implementing the Biodiesel  Mission (as Nodal Ministry)
                 a.        Ministry of  Agriculture
                 b.      Ministry of  Science and Technology
                  c.       Ministry of New and Renewable Energy
               d.      Ministry of Rural development

Answer   d Ministry of Rural development

14 . Consider  the following statements with reference to Indira Gandhi  National old Age pension scheme (IGNOAPS)
1 All person pf 60 years  or above belonging to the households below poverty line in rural areas are eligible
2.       The central assistance under the scheme is at the rate of Rs  300 per month  benificary . Under the scheme , states have been urged to  give matching amounts
Which of  the statements given above  is/are correct
                  a.       1 Only   b. 2 Only  c Both  1 and 2    d Neither 1 nor 2

Answer  c Both 1 and 2
15 What is  the  name of the scheme which provides training and skills to women in traditional and non traditional trades
                 a.       Kishori Shakti Yojna
                b.      Rashtriya Mahila Kosh
              c.       Swayamsiddha
            d.      Swamlamban

Answer d Swamlamban
Collected and  prepared by  S Jayachandran , System  Administrator , Mavelikara Postal  Division,690101
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