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Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Steps for Salary disbursement through the POSB

Steps   for    Salary  disbursement    through the   ECS

 Download ECS  Salary  from web site of SDC Chennai

To download   please  click here    
Feed basic Details   and employee details in  ECS Software
Create   file    format (ECS0125102012_1.SAL) through the   ECS software after drawing the  pay  in accounts package
Copy   the above said file to   computer  where sanchay post software installed
Expansion of ECS0125102012_1.SAL is
ECS--- file generation name (universal for all offices)
01-Sanchay post code (differs for each office)
25102012—date of file generation
1.SAL- serial number of file generation.

Login in as Counter in Online Transaction in sanchay post, option to follow

SB-----ECS Debit Credit (1310),   select File, Category—ECS-Salary and click on OK, Click on select and browse the file from desktop (ECS**DDMMYYYY_*.SAL) and click on LOAD DATA button and upload the same. LOGIN as supervisor to verify the same to exhibit in LOT.

Based on the figures of Salary slip, the amount equivalent to “NET PAY” to be charged in treasury package as Bills Paid.

 The amount equivalent to “TAKE HOME PAY” will  available as text file send by HO to concern SO’s and that amount has to be credited in POSB account

 The amount equivalent to “TAKE HOME PAY” should be transferred from SB CASH module to Treasury module to tally in both SB & Treasury Branch.

The difference between NET PAY and TAKE HOME PAY will be “OUT OF ACCOUNT”.


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