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Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Divisional level agitation against administration-Notice submitted to the Supdt of Pos Mavelikara on 29.10.2013

The Supdt of Post Offices
Mavelikara Division

No: AIPEU Mvk     Dlgs         Dated  at Mavelikara HO the 28/10/2013
Sub: Agitation programme regarding
Ref: Joint memorandum dtd 09.10.2013


Your kind attention is invited to the joint memorandum dtd 09.10.2013, submitted by the Divisional secretaries of unions affiliated to NFPE.

Though many urgent and serious grievances and problems were included in the memorandum, the same remains unattended and unreplied. Many issues involving genuine problems of the employees and smooth functioning of offices are being ignored. Monthly meetings are avoided in a routine manner and held in a perfunctory way. Staff grievances are not handled in a fair and just manner and few are treated as more equal. The Divisional office was very adamant in implementing the unjustified and inconvenient transfer orders of our members but the transferred official at the divisional office continues there even after the stipulated date and after joining of the substitute.

All offices are working in hazardous atmosphere due to lack of sufficient number of scanners, generator battery or UPS battery. Cases of Departmental offices require immediate repairing and strengthening are unattended while lakhs are being spent for stone laying functions of offices. And, above all harassing of staff is in the high. Senior officials and Spm’s working at operative offices are being harassed by Divisional office and officers in the guise of project arrow. Inconvenient and hazardous circumstances faced by the staff including delivery staff are not being taken in to account and indiscriminate harassment is the order of the day. Calling for explanation of postman staff of Kayangulam HO by IP is a recent example. Obtaining explanation from an official is part or preliminary step of disciplinary action and it can be done only by a superior authorized for that. Though we have included in the memorandum, no action was seen taken in this matter.

We feel that the situation and work atmosphere prevailing in the division are not staff friendly, cordial or fair.
    The working committee meeting of the unions held on 18/10/2013 decided to adopt agitational measures against the anti employee attitude of administration.

As  the first phase, it is decided to conduct a Divisional office march on 05.11.2013.

                                                                                            Yours faithfully
                                                                                            Divisional Secretaries

V Bhuvaneswaran                      K Vijayan                                          O A Rassak
AIPEU Group C                       Postman/ MTS                                   AIPEU GDS(NFPE)

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