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Sunday, October 27, 2013

Memorandum submitted by three unions jointly to the Supt of Pos, Mavelikara Division on 9/10/13

          The following memorandum is submitted for your immediate and serious consideration and proper action.

1)      Non-conducting of Monthly meeting

Only five meetings were held during the year. Monthly meeting is most important to discuss staff grievances.

2)      Anomalies of tenure transfer of 2013
Anomalies pointed out by the unions were not settled. Cases of Smt C D Sreeletha devi and Sri P Somasundaram.
 Smt C D Sreeletha devi is a cancer patient who has not completed her tenure at Mavelikara HO posted as SPM, Kozhuvallur, a single handed office not having basic amenities. The case is a clear violation of DG (P) letter no 137-10/2011-SPB II dated 18.10.2011
Sri P Somasundaram residing at Puliyur, Chengannur was posted as SPM, Charummmoodu vide no BB/26 dated 15/4/13. After he joined at Charummoodu he was posted as SPM, Cheppaud  which is about 25 kms away from his residence. He
Was posted in two sub offices even though MACP II and MACP III  officials available in the tenure transfer posted as PAs.

3)      Attempt to downgrade Pattolimarket PO
Seven MPKBY agents were transferred to other offices with out the consent of agents and with out consulting their appointing authority. Reduction in  the work load of the office with the intention of downgrading  the office.

4)      Retaining excess staff in Divisional Office.
All the tenure transfer are effected promptly by Divisional Office within the
 stipulated date without considering genuine grievances of affected officials. The only transfer order which is still not implemented is one OA of divisional Office even after joining of the substitute at Divisional Office resulting in excess staff in Divisional Office where LSG offices are functioning in acute shortage
5)      Revision of Dearness allowance to Contingent staff.
Revision of Dearness allowance of contingent staff with effect from  January 2009 has not been done in the Division.

6)      Harassment of delivery staff in Project Arrow Offices.
Delivery staff of Kayangulam HO were harassed and insulted by IP, Kayangulam Sub Dn in  the presence of public on    4.10.2013 alleging  failure to ensure 100% delivery on 17/9/2013, 18/9/2013 & 19/9/2013. Officials who were on leave on those days and Head Postman were also asked by the IP to give statement/explanation on low score.

7)      Filling of vacant post of Ag  SPM at Charummoodu
This LSG Office is functioning under staffed for the last 7 months except two weeks. The heavy office with three BOs and the available staff are experiencing much difficulty in managing the work load.
8)      Excess work load in Venmony Post Office.
Against the assurance given to the union the agitation started by the union in November 2012 was withdrawn. Following the assurance given by SPOs that proposal will be sent to RO for retention of Post. No further action was taken against the assurance given to the union
9)      Delay in sanctioning TA Bills.
TA Bills of more than one year is pending. TA Bills of officials deputed to PTC, Mysore and other training programmes are long pending. TA advance granted at the time of deputation is too meager that the mess fee can not be paid fully with the advance. As training programmes are pre-planned adequate fund/advance should have granted.

10) Inadequate supply of Computer/Computer accessories
In almost all offices in the Division is facing acute problem of  faulted and obsolete computers and Printers and without the back up of UPS. Urgent supply of new computers and UPS battery.

11)Delay in sanctioning PLI maturity claims
Delay is experiencing in sanctioning the maturity claims of officials.

                                                      Yours faithfully;

Divisional Secretaries

V Bhuvaneswaran                           K Vijayan                     O A RAssaq
AIPEU Gr C                                  Postman, MTS                   GDS

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